Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rob Rufus and Ern Baxter!!

Many will know that the similarity between Ern Baxter and Rob Rufus is one that greatly interests me and thrills me. I first began to suspect that Rob at least knew of Ern Baxter back in 2006 when we first heard him at Brighton. I had never heard anyone get so close to preaching Ern Baxter's vision of the Kingdom of God than Rob - not even Terry Virgo. That suspicion became even clearer in 2007 back in Brighton when Rob spoke about "Going into the Land" and used terminology that very few aside from Ern Baxter have used.

My suspicions were finally realised in glorious reality when I wrote to Rob Rufus and sent him a package of Ern Baxter material - my transcripts of "Life on Wings" and the "Priestly Clothing" and he was so amazingly gracious enough to write back and confirm that he did indeed know Ern Baxter and loved his preaching and teaching - particularly Ern's famous "Life on Wings" sermon.

So today I was walking back from work listening to an older sermon of Rob's from back in 2005 and almost fell over when I heard him say (and sing) this!!

I am sorry for the quality of the video - I haven't quite figured out how to get sections of sermons singled out and presented in their own right so this is the best I can do so far. But I think the sheer mention of Ern Baxter was thrilling enough for me! For those who are interested, here is Ern Baxter's original singing of his song so it can be compared with Rob's!

Life as an eagle Christian ... these two great heroes of mine shared a common passion. To "rise and soar" to the manifest Presence of God. They are truly men to be followed! What could is theology if it doesn't result in an increased relationship and a walk with the Presence and Person of God Himself?

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07000intune said...

What was going on during the time Ern was being most used around 1975-77 in the UK?
Well,just as during the Wesley Whitfield period there was a left-brain struggle going on reference
Calvinism and Armenianism. These servants of God,while struggling to be civil to each other, were sorely vexed by each other's position.Read Roy Hattersley's coverage of John Wesley. Sadly the town of Liss in Hampshire is STILL resounding with the same struggle nearly 250 years later. The Francis Schaeffer type L'Abri Church has split into 3 churches at the last count over some of these things. I would love God to use me or someone as an anointed vehicle to blast Liss open for God again.Well,in 1974-5,for me, it wasn't these particular was the Maurice Smith Grace position that came from his books Amazing Grace and 5-5-55, (his own autobiography) versus
the light coming from Mother Basilea Schlink and later Ed Miller of Argentina, and Jorge Pradas of Argentina. It tore my academic brain to shreds and forced me, nay baptised me into Proverbs 3:5-6 as I mentioned last night. Norita Garcia now Roberts of Roberts Pianos Oxford, used to say over and over to me "Estas todo en la mente, Chris" "Chris , you are all in the mind!!!" And actually that is one of the main stumbling blocks in England, and more so in Germany. Picture an Englishman, a German, and a Ghanaian on Todd Bentley's platform....which one is jettisoned further, quicker and most powerfully across the platform? Correct, generally the Ghanaian. And listen to the smug left-brain English Christian as he smiles patronisingly at that poor emotional African letting the side down once again!!!Then 6 months later reports come back of 5 resurrections from the dead. Which one was used for that then? Hmmm, not the Englishman. (Actually, in Rheinhardt Bonnke's case it is the German.)
So Maurice Smith was used phenomenally to birth the whole grace question. Terry Virgo picked this up, and Rob Rufus has picked it up from Terry and others. For Maurice this whole thing was coming out of the most horrendous experiences with manic depression. So often he'd barely make it to a meeting then God would anoint him so powerfully to literally birth the vision of grace in people's lives. In this context I want to share one of the most outstanding prophecies that are one of the current templates, apart from Ern Baxter, for all our generation of leadership. It could be that many of this generation are not aware of this one. I have had it so quickened to me again in the last week....Because in the context of the new stuff God is doing corporately and world now seems not too far off!!! Here it is:Friends
Hove you noticed the way I have led you so far?
First of all I have lifted your eyes and given you a vision.
A vision that encompassed the whole church. A vision that
speaks in ultimate terms and shows you the finished product
from heaven's perspective. Your heart was touched by the
thought of a great church 'without spot or wrinkle'. As I
spoke to you in those early days it all seemed so attainable,
so within reach. The detail was not apparent to you, only the
fact that I had spoken, and you saw clearly that now was the
hour for the church to become one people. Now was the hour
for barriers to go down, for people to come together,
regardless of their upbringing and background. John 17 -
•that they might be one' - seemed to be re-echoing from
every corner of the world and without any collaboration
between the voices. You were convinced God was at work.
This was his move and he would accomplish it. (So far so
good, but now pause and think).
Have you noticed that the outworking is not as easy as it
seemed when you received your revelation? Had I wanted to
wave an arm in heaven and accomplish my purposes, I would
have done so. But I have set my heart upon a personal
relationship with everyone who forms a part of this glorious
church. 'My ways are not your ways' still remains true, and
whereas men would organise a one-church-moveroent, and set
the wheels in motion to co-ordinate this group with that, I
have spoken again into the hearts of men that I am growing
the church. As ever I am starting small and consolidating
every move I make. Every now and then there is an upsurge
and an outbreak on a larger scale, which is an encouragement
to everyone, but the master-builders know that at such
times extravagant things are said and believed, and the
idea spreads that we ore farther on than we really are.
According to eternal principles I then prune that which
has borne fruit that it may bring forth more fruit, and
the master-builders are not token by surprise when this
happens. They know that every step of the way I insist that
the personal relationship of God and man is developed, and
that this explains many apparent set-backs. I do not want
people carried along on the crest of a wove, but people with
some realisation of the cost, who nevertheless still desire
above all else to be a part of this glorious church which
gripped their imagination long ago. Indeed many only get
their first glimpse of this holy and unified church in the
midst of this upsurge stage of my purposes. (Pause again
and think about what I am saying).

Now, because of all I have allowed to work upon your lives,
you have a deepening relationship with me. Now you really
begin to relate to one another. Not as a people who have
in mind some grand successful church movement, but as a
peopie captivated by my love and grace toward you; as a
people thankful to be included at all in what I have set
my heart upon. Now you are prepared to go at my pace, you
do not despise the time it takes to form a relationship.
You begin to understand that I really was unhurried as I
made my friendship with sinners, that I was fully prepared
for the disappointments and the rewards of friendship, and
so it shall be with you more and more. As the barriers
between one and one go down, as friendships are formed,
and commitments made, you became more vulnerable to being
hurt, and yet also on the verge of great discoveries. The
riches that I have placed within every single one of you,
becomes the available treasure of each other, and the
poverty that has marked my people for so long shall be
swallowed up in an abundance of supply.
There I go again, re-envisioning you and lifting your eyes
to the inevitable goal; but take it steady, be prepared
for set-bocks, be realistic - all in the true knowledge
that,although in one sense it has to be done stone upon
stone, it is later than you think, and that finally every-
thing shall be done suddenly. For there shall be a great
unveiling, o pulling aside of the curtain in a moment of
time, a trumpet blast and the body of God forged through
many trials and heartaches, joined together by many sinews
and main arteries across the world, shall arise and dismay
shall strike the hearts of many as they see that which they
have scorned so long become the evident dwelling place of
God. In an hour when all is falling down, this church shall
stand up like an army with abundant life and flexible
structure. The bones shall have real flesh on them, and
all the world shall see and marvel at this glorious church
without spot or wrinkle, that first captivated the hearts
of many of you so long ago.
Prophecy through
Maurice Smith
7 January 1977
at the Friends Meeting
House, London