Sunday, June 22, 2008

Healing Testimonies from Eastbourne!!

I am so grateful that someone has managed to put the healing testimonies from Kings Church after the "Empower 08" conference on You-Tube! It was such an absolutely key conference weekend where God came down in power and glory. You will hear the name "Rob Rufus" mentioned but what struck me was how Jesus Christ and the glory of God is at the centre. This wasn't about a man coming. This was about GOD coming! Enjoy and let it fire your faith for more and more miracles!!

Watching that and hearing those testimonies of lives changed just makes me so hungry!! We want MORE God! We want to see this flood out into the market-place! I am just about to leave for work and I am so hungry to see children healed, demons driven out, lives set free, broken bound up! I loved the final woman's testimony. Lives set free by the reality of believing she is the righteousness of God in Christ! This isn't just theological debate but reality!


jul said...

I love love love hearing more testimonies! Even better on video!

Dan Bowen said...

Video IS better isn't it?! :) I think that's why Florida has had such a massive impact - because HOW on earth could we have imagined the testimonies of what is going on there? The healings, the miracles, the signs and wonders - we are actually seeing with our own eyes!

07000intune said...

I love that we can share these sort of problems now and be open about it.