Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't Let HIM Pass You By!!

Todd Bentley brought this prophetic word and then goes on to expand on it - but it's incredibly challenging. The word directly addresses the critics. The luxury of standing and waiting and watching isn't going to remain for much longer for Jesus is walking on by. "We can't wait another decade ... we're hungry and we're not going away!" - Todd says!

I do recommend all watch it - whatever your views on Lakeland! Because this isn't about a man. This is about Jesus walking on by!!

DON'T let Him pass you by!!


07000intune said...

This is more relevant to the previous post, but I've stuck it here, Dan.
-------------------------------I've only really floated over the Post-it notes as yet.They deserve a lot of extra time. Thankyou everybody and Dan, for organising the framework.
Last night was absolutely amazing, hearing Roy's testimony on God TV. Far from only a mighty muzo , God was coming right through his whole personality last night. Extremely funny but also, so many came up to receive more of God afterwards. I recorded the whole thing. Many also seemed to be saved last night.And how about his impersonation skills...Brian Houston, TD Jakes, Benny Hinn...just about everybody!!!
Lydia, that was very encouraging about a book. You know, anything that I have written in terms of actual testimony, pales into insignificance as each week follows week this year to do with the acceleration of God's purposes. People coming out of Florida could write book after book. That's why blogging is so brilliant...for its immediacy. It may also interest you all that I have written a book. Although,poorly written…and put down in the manner of speech. It is right here on this blog. Last week I collected up every fragment since February 08 and in Word it comes to 60 A4 pages already.
Dan, because of the importance of some of the material I have access to…eg
Peter Stott’s recent Word, (who by the way is off to Florida this Friday for a week) I guess I’ll have to be prepared for whatever it takes to get some of it put up properly.
My problem is time…and family…A lot of what I am writing is snuck into
dead parts of my schedule…often late into the night…which if overdone can cause real friction maritally. Running your own business has little or nothing to do with a 9-5 schedule. There are many church meetings we cannot even get to , because of booking in extra future work. But let me tell you a secret….and I get the impression George Warnock has been living this way too……Just as they are learning in Florida at the moment as they juggle Todd Bentley’s previous bookings, then God comes through a different and parallel ministry as He did last night….The third Level manner of ministry is all to do with pacing and timing. Paul learnt this too within the natural constraints of tentmaking. So a lot of the pacing is taken from living within these boundaries, and seeing God in the whole of life. So when it comes the time to bring something , it comes over under real anointing in a very distilled and immensely powerful fashion. A bit like after prayer and fasting. Because actually it is a fast. It is a fast to your own will, your own way of doing things, your own ministry.
I could have submitted into our Emsworth ministry and run a very successful 2nd level ministry here or abroad, but when you’ve touched the 3rd Level as I did when I was 19 in France, and is now happening on occasions in Florida, you’re kind of wrecked for life!!!! Listen folks, to be graphic about this. Terry Virgo was carting my songs about with him when I was 15. Some ended up in New Zealand. If I wanted his 2nd level operation I would be there now. I am being really hard here…and to qualify that, in every British stream in the last 5 years you can sense this amazing hunger growing just for God alone!!! Terry’s crowd are no different. But having been chucked out 20 years ago by people better than some of the speakers in TWAM and the recent European Conference, I can hear agendas below their words that make me want to run a mile.
If the current pace of developments keeps up from Florida, then such major changes will be occurring on people’s insides, that I am sure I will begin to feel safe with them. But at the moment, the dealings you hear in a person like Paul Cain, or Bob Jones, Ern Baxter, and amazingly for his age,Todd Bentley…I am just not hearing in our English ministries yet. I shudder to think they are out there building these 2nd level warehouses they are calling churches. Only 3rd level ministries can reproduce self-reproducing versions of Jesus Christ. A teenager can reproduce, but only a Father can Father. A 2nd level ministry can get someone born again and filled with the Spirit , but only a Father ministry can father that other person into being a self-reproducing father.

I am now 50 and unknown, but I have in my spirit something approaching the gospel you read in the New Testament. When you begin to see (like the Zerubbabel crowd around Norman Grubb) that God is actually about the dismemberment of Genesis 3 verse 5, and this is what Jesus meant by the phrase “I have come to lay the axe to the root”, why would anyone in their right mind concern themselves with a) the first level of simply getting saved for some future eternity, b) the secondlevel of running hugely fashionable charismatic praise ups where a few healings take place and we all sing in tongues together when c) you can have the third level, which dismantles everything the devil ever tried to do from Genesis 3 onwards, and you get the whole of levels 1 and 2 thrown in for free. As I wrote before I now amend again to read “….seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the rest is chucked in free!!!”
I’m no Jew, but I recognise a good deal when I see one. (And actually, prophetically speaking, this is the ONLY sort of Christianity which will get through to the Jews. Which is why Bob Dylan didn’t hang around long. You see Jews, after centuries of pogroms, can see clearer than most where people are really operating from.) So what I am saying is the substandard level 1 and 2 Christianitys were not what Paul was preaching and living. As the book of Ephesians shows Chapter 1 was Paul’s departure point in “his gospel”. From Day 1, you knew who you were in Christ, your position in Him, your position in the Body of Christ, and that you had victory in Christ , to begin dismantling every mess in your life and immediate surroundings.

Dan Bowen said...


That's a v v useful point you made - and I must confess I've collected all your comments into an A4 document as well because I spotted the continuity of what you were writing. I think the point you made about time pressures vs writing is so key.

Time constantly seems to be the big enemy even against something as brief as a blog post. There's SO much that I would love to write about. Rob Rufus says; "There are hundreds of books within me waiting to be written!!".

That sums it up exactly!!

I love what you said - that so many who come from Florida have books they could write. I think THAT is exactly what we need to do experiencing the current move of God - we need to "write down what we see!!".

As for success in ministry - that's such a difficult one. I watch some ministries seemingly succeed in terms of men and I can't understand why God doesn't give recognition to ministries of grace and of glory! Yet I still passionately cling to God's sovereignity. There's a great huge big world out there to save, and He WILL use all who are willing and ready!! In HIS perfect timing!!

Dan Bowen said...
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07000intune said...

Dan, I wondered how you would take all that. Thanks for your points.
As I was writing today I thought again of Paul and the other apostles. Let's take Paul for instance. Because our minds are so cluttered with today's version of Christianity, and our relative lack of success in Western culture, we sort of think...well I guess that's the way it has to be. But Paul shows us that just one man, who has properly let the Holy Spirit take him through all the growth processes is so powerful. Just one man!!!So powerful that he faces national leaders...he takes control of shipwrecks, even when it wasn't his mistake, writes half the New Testament, breaks open regional churches to begin with, then thinks...ah so this is how 3rd level works....well why don't we go for the big one...while we are at it...just for a modicum more effort....let's go for Rome and blast the whole world open!!! I've no idea if Agabus was a 2nd level prophet...what he said to warn Paul was 100% true, taking the belt and binding it to show what was going to happen. What I do know is that Paul gave a 3rd level response and replied "And??? And?????So I'm going to be bound hand and foot! And???? And ???What's that got to do with a game of soldiers? I'm going in as a Spirit suicide bomber.”( To be clear in the google public space…the 3rd level version of suicide bombing is where the only one who gets hurt is the 3rd level guy and he himself is the Covenant love bomb. Norman Grubb calls this going into hell for others.)
What on earth is a Body of Christ moving at this level going to look like?

Dan Bowen said...

"What on earth is a Body of Christ moving at this level going to look like?"

They're going to be WORLD-CHANGERS!! Rob has said a couple of times that we have got no business feeling so smug and self-satisfied with ourselves ... we must be ever-always going on and looking for more!! I remember the first time I came into the Stoneleigh Bible Week massive sheds and was literally speechless at the 25,000 gathered crowds! The size of a small town!! Yet the prophecies are speaking of stadiums ...

Last year at the Brighton Newfrontiers conference, they got very excited because they have to have an overflow room and there was over 5,000 people there. Yet ... did the newspapers care that the Brighton centre was packed out? Did it make national news? We can't get smug ... even if there are more this year in Brighton. Encouraged - yes. Smug - no!

One of the things I love about the Hong Kong guys is that they won't be satisfied (ever I think!) but at least until there are congregations of thousands across the city preaching the message of grace and glory and seeing miracles, signs and wonders.

"What's that got to do with a game of soldiers? I'm going in as a Spirit suicide bomber.”( To be clear in the google public space…the 3rd level version of suicide bombing is where the only one who gets hurt is the 3rd level guy and he himself is the Covenant love bomb".

I LOVE that definition you give of Spirit suicide bombers!! As you know Rob Rufus picked up on the Spirit alternatives to suicide bombers at Brighton last year ... the link to the video is here:


So exciting stuff! THIS is level 3 Christianity that will cost our lives!