Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Living a REAL Life!!

I have a confession ... I went to see "Mamma Mia" on Monday night after we got back from Ibiza and I loved it SO much that I wanted to post and encourage all to go see it if you can! But I didn't ... because I was worried that I would be judged by Pharisee commentators. But I was at the gym today listening to Rob Rufus's latest sermon; "Attitudes That Attract The Empowering Grace Of God" and he made a point that devastated me and highlighted a lifetime of hypocrisy and performance pressure within me.

Rob was talking about Bill Johnson and the church at Reading and how he loves the fact that they operate in awesome supernatural anointing power but they are real and love hunting, fishing and surfing etc. He said;

"I want to see generations birthed who can sustain high level power without getting weird".

So that set me free - and I hold up my hands and apologise for being still bound by the fear of men. So I can stand up now and say that there is NO WAY on earth that I can ever see myself liking hunting, fishing or surfing like Bill Johnson and Rob! But I don't think that was the point Rob was trying to make. The point is that I shouldn't be ashamed of having a life of activities that I enjoy and am unashamed of - that keep me from becoming hyper-spiritual and weird!

For example I love going to the gym. I've just taken up running again quite seriously. I love reading all sorts of books under the sun (I read Theo Paphitis's new book on holiday) and I am a sci-fi nerd and love all sorts of films like Starwars, the Matrix, Heroes, Harry Potter - basically films that were roundly condemned by the youth leaders at my home church as "New Age" and who would angrily condemn any of us young people who did enjoy such "abberations"! Anyway to get to my original point - I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED "Mamma Mia"!

Here's a clip - you get to see Meryl Streep and Julie Walters do things you've never seen before!;

I defy anyone to go in, see it and not come out smiling - even if you aren't an ardent ABBA fan! My point to all this? I am learning thanks to Rob and Bill Johnson and people that it is okay to be "real" - and to manifest the anointing, you don't have to be weird and odd and fast all the time.

Because I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is crazy about me (that's something else Rob said!)!!


Dan Bowen said...

Oh yere ... and just to secure my shame and humiliation and banishing of any "respect" possible - I also love to dance and have learnt that "Mamma Mia" dance routine and practice it in the secrecy of my own front lounge!! :D

07000intune said...

Isn't it weird the knots we've tied ourselves in .Roll on the kingdom is what I say.Jesus living His lifein us as us.
This next bit was going to be tagged to the last post, but you beat me to it!!!
----------------------------------"I wonder in many so-called seminaries and colleges today..." This is a rather large subject this one.
Let's go sideways.
When the Anglicans and Catholics want to justify child baptism they usually refer to Conelius' household. One dubious verse which could mean anything you want it to mean...because no details are given about his household. Then having built on this foundation they build in various "security factors" or "rectification methods". The Catholics do 1st Communion...the Anglicans do confirmation a little later. They then vaguely mention about the importance of the Holy Spirit at this stage.

I raise all this just simply to bring up the thorny issue of training for ministry. You see if you start with a rather wobbly premise like Ministers are people who teach congregations about Christianity by ministering primarily through talks that we call sermons for 20-40 minutes every week. And who also care for the spiritual welfare of this congregation in different ways through the week. Then , sure, you can build on to this view 2 or 3 years ministry training in a seminary. This is the logical outcome of the 1st premise.

If, however the premise is, while not being wrong, similar to describing an army as a bunch of people that walk to and fro around a parade ground. While being a true statementabout an army, actually a better description of at least one of its main roles is to be trained to be a corporate killing machine.

The Church is as far as Satan's work goes: a corporate killing machine. Its mandate is to exercise
such authority on the basis of the finished work of Christ that we "destroy ALL the works of the evil one". This is what Jesus came to do, and He nipped home early because He saw He could better oversee the operation from the right hand of the Father but giving His Power to the Church to be able to carry it out."It is better that I go away"He said.

So if this be so, where do we start from with "ministry training".
The first thing has to be that a believer gets victory in his own life. Now is a Bible College the best way to achieve this? Not according to the Bible. In the Old testament God's formation training for thousands of people was that they share the experience of the Wilderness together. In the New Testament, first the 12 disciples, then the Early Church shared their lives together. The interesting thing with the last 2, was that this was all while ministering!!!!
A bit like it is now for the team in Florida by the way.Or Hong Kong.
In the early 70s,Jean Darnall, fresh from prophesying Festival of Light into being, she and a few others gave prophetic words over Emsworth. Something like"I will establish my Church in this place to which I will send young people from all over the world, who will be willing, and teachable, and who I will train and send out...and they will see many signs and wonders...." Well, for several years there was hardly a young person in the church, then BAM in 1977, people arrived from all over.
The model that had been developed in Argentina which was "Casa Biblica" or "Bible House" was established in Emsworth. I arrived at this point too. I really believe we were pioneering something. It was a Kingdom prototype. Just as each previous generation is actually a prototype of the one to come, which is always more glorious and more full...we were literally the seed of the manner of Kingdom training in the future.And for all its failings, and lack of revelation on things we now consider pretty was a start!!! This is how it worked. We lived and worked together.Morning and most evenings we prayed together or went to the big church meetings. We had a few seminars in the evenings on all sorts of Bible subjects and/or life from a Biblical perspective. We believed in/ reeled in by faith, a 20 acre property. There were around 30 of us under one roof. In batches of 2s and 3s, never all at the same time, the Holy Spirit would break people apart, in all the proud/damaged or sinful areas. Then Jesus would build them up again, and renewed they would be used to help when the same process was happening to others. Ed Miller and Jorge Pradas had taught us about entering into the Presence of God corporately in praise, then Holy Spirit cleansing, then deep worship, then quite often "breakthrough dance or wild release of praise." Although we could have been more trained in personal faith for things like money/ and healing...and many other things we now consider standard, (Certainly if you examine these faith-filled South Africans like Rory and Wendy and Rob Rufus!!)Yet corporately we were already on another level. So as a church we saw the following miracles....At a precise point of praise declaration at 11 am one morning we saw Tony Fitzgerald's wife (elsewhere in a Brighton hospital)raised instantly from near death. We saw the same happen for both the son and then the father in our church who both had leukaemia. We saw someone practically paralysed, get well in about 2months, then marry a Spaniard,now in Barcelona!!! After months and months of murders by Peter Sutcliffe the Moors murderer, God led the pastor one day to declare"Enough is enough" and within hours or days his cover was blown and he was immediately brought into custody.
We lived through the Argentinian war together with Argentinians in Emsworth. As it is in YWAM and other organizations we learned how to live with each other from every strand of background and many different countries.

So what was the problem then?
We were a charismatic church in transition. But we never understood the 3rd level. A,we never kept Ed Miller with us long enough to see us right through.B/The ministries from IMA like Eldred Linden, John Clarke and others, were never allowed in either for any length of time and finally C,The people with the clearest explanation of how we break apart Genesis 3:5 are Zerubbabel, but it was only through being chucked out that God led me to them...Actually I was looking for Maurice Smith, but he was away in the USA at the time!!!!
Someone said"These people will help you" And they did!!

So this is why I am excited. Emsworth had the right framework...except they could have trained more on ministering in the anointing...but with a full understanding of how the 3rd level works can you imagine what similar training places will produce!!!!!

If you read Maurice Smith's book 20th century Pilgrim you can actually trace where Rob Rufus is now. It is really frustrating for me knowing he is getting so close...but being a bit of a tinker's cuss..the guy probably thinks he has to get all the revelation by himself and ofcourse if he does...that is brilliant, because then he will minister immediately from firsthand experience. And I tell you, if you think Rob is powerful now....wait until the Hong Kong Church is moving firmly established in the 3rd level. won't believe it. It is the difference between the disciples before the Cross experience...then after.

joyfullydia said...

I am dancing with you Dan!!! I can't wait to see this movie, I saw the preview when I went to see Prince Caspian with my kids and thought, that is my kind of movie..............!!! I will go see it soon!! Thanks for reminding me about this movie!!!

Sheila said...

This is a movie I intend to see. I was talking to my husband the other day, about King David and all that dancing he did. I remarked that his dancing was likely NOT the holy little "hop" that I do...NOT the "charismatic shuffle"...his dancing looked like whatever dance looked like in his culture. The dance that "everyone did", if you please.

Now. I am NOT recommending that we adopt all parts or aspects of our modern Western culture's "dance" into the church. *cough* Not at all.

But I am tired of folks singing songs about dancing before the Lord, and then barely moving their feet from side to side. I don't know when I will break out, or what it will look like, but I have made my 21 year old daughters teach me the Electric Slide. ACK! (really its an old dance...)

I've read that laughter is carbonated holiness. And dance is joy expressed. All caveats aside, I wish for an unjaded, but very real sanctification in my life - one that dances and sings and celebrates.

Shawna said...

Dan - I just have to say that I really missed your blog entries last week while you were away. I'm so glad that you had a good vacation though, and welcome back! I love the dialogue that happens here so much. Thanks for the movie recommendation too. I don't know anything about it, but I do love the song "Dancing Queen" that you linked to!
Lydia and Sheila - speaking of dancing, I hope you don't mind me sharing this experience. I went to our regions annual newfrontiers conference this past weekend and brought out my flag during the last session and danced in the back of the room. I've been dancing with this flag at home for the last couple of years, and it's so fun and somehow it eliminates distractions and helps me to focus on the Lord. I've been resisting the "flag lady" image in public though, and I'm in no way a professional dancer so I could look really ridiculous and not know it because I'm just enjoying God. But anyway, I went for it, and I wasn't self-conscious, it's possible that others though I looked silly but I'm not really worrying about it, because it wasn't for them anyway. Who knows maybe I'll dance in public more often now. That Ruth Heflin book that you recommended a while back, Lydia, had some good things to say about dancing too. So yeah, if anyone has an urge to dance in worship, I'd say go for it, even at home, just you and God, it will add a new dimension to your time in His presence.
Chris - Thanks for the detailed response that you gave me last week. There's lots of food for thought there. I might have asked a question, before I was ready to understand the answer, but that's alright! God's just going to have to work it into my life as I go, I know that he's already doing it, and that's why I'm interested in the first place. Keep writing, because I'm "listening". Thanks also for sharing how you see the Lakeland revival impacting communities your involved with. I think it's great. Our church hasn't really embraced or pursued what's going on there. We all say that we want to see the miraculous, the healings, signs and wonders. But I've had this low level sorrow for a while now, as people around me are in effect saying "God, maybe your doing something over there, but we're over here and we want you to come to us". It's challenging, to not get discouraged. I do believe that the wave of God's glory will hit our church and region. It's not outside the realm of possibility that I'll be in a worse position when it hits, because I've been living with this unmeet longing for so long though (and I know that my "long" is nothing compared to others!). I pray that the Holy Spirit would get me/keep me in position to ride the wave. I'm using the terms from the July 12th blog that Dan posted, and I really appreciated.
Physics - I heard this really interesting teaching by a worship leader that was visiting Bethel Church a couple of weeks back. He talked about sounds waves, and light waves, and other physics things as they related to worship. I'd never heard of Ray Hughes before, maybe some of you have. Anyway, I'm putting a link to the message here (hopefully it works better than the last one I tried to share) for anyone interested.

Blessings to all who read here. Shawna

07000intune said...

Now this is a blog, everybody....c'mon!!!!!!

lydia joy said...

Awesome thoughts you shared!!
It's so cool that you stepped out in faith and danced in public before the Lord, I bet He was beaming with delight!!!
It's funny you mentioned Ruth Hefflin's book, I was thinking the very same thought when I read Sheila's post on here......Sheila, I don't know but maybe this is prophetic confirmation you should read that book, heehee!!
I too love dancing at home as I worship God, my kids love it!! They join in too! Anyway, one of these days I will have to follow your lead and Ruth's and learn how to dance before the Lord in a public setting!!! And like Dan -just chuck off that weird fear of man thing, ICK....!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!

lydia joy said...

Oh I was just remembering some thoughts from my "old" church in regards to dancing. People used to dance, but over time it ceased. Anyway, I remember being at a wedding once where everyone just started dancing around the room in a train, and as I passed by my pastor I tried to pull him in to join, he stood there with his arms folded, stern look on his face and shook his head no. what a drag! then at another wedding, same church, I was talking to a pastor's wife about dancing, and how she used to love to dance in the old days, and how she missed it even, whoa scandal, anyway, when the music kicked up and it was time to dance I jumped up to the dance floor and said to her come on let's go, she smiled and said "no I can't" and stood by watching the whole time, sort of dancing on the side lines by her table, all the while I am sure wanting to join in. Okay, so I realized this.......every wedding I ever went to, the pastor's or their wives, never danced!!!! Boo! Except for when it was a slow couples dance!
C'mon people, lighten up!!!!!! Okay, thanks for letting me get that out.......heehee!!!

Dan Bowen said...

Glad you liked the link Joyfullylydia!! I still click on it sneakily when I read comments! :)

Hey Shawna, thanks for your comments and your thoughts! You said a really good point;

"I love the dialogue that happens here so much".

I noted a link that Adrian Warnock stopped comments on his blog, and I've noticed some of the more "Christian celebrity" bloggers don't allow comments on their blogs. I'm sure they all have their reasons whether it be time pressures or whatever but in my opinion, its the comments that bring the blog to life!

Otherwise it simply is a teaching forum. The readers all come and read and go away - end of. There's no dialogue. Pretty much like church.

Well I'm not a teacher and have never pretended to be. I'm just an ordinary Christian trying to muddle my way through life and share my testimony with whoever is mad enough to listen!

And I honestly do see you guys as friends and I value your comments and love the dialogue!

So a massive THANK YOU to you all! Keep coming back! Keep commenting!! Keep reading! And keep disagreeing if I say something stupid!

Now as for dancing ...

My home church was avidly suspicious of it and anyone who danced was seen as "fringe". I remember my home pastor scornfully trying to find a passage in the Scripture where dancing was okay. It wasn't till Stoneleigh Bible Week that I managed to get free enough to start dancing and find the awesome freedom of dancing like David before the Lord.

Alas I still find that dancing is quite rare and doesn't happen much at weekly church and it's only at the conferences that I really feel free enough to dance. At Brighton last year the power and Presence of God was so heavy that it wasn't a problem at all, same at Glory and Grace.

Let me distinguish here between dancing in worship and "silly dancing" to the sort of songs that come during the Prayer Meeting at Brighton. I love the "silly dancing" but I think there is also an awesome power to prophetic dancing as Shawna mentioned with a flag!

So if it takes a good old film like Mamma Mia to get Christians re-thinking about dancing and the way that it psychologically does lighten the mood (and that is proven btw) then bring it on!

Let's re-claim dancing for the Christian Kingdom world!

lydia joy said...

Okay, so I can't help it but I have another dancing related story.
Years ago, my husband and I held a party at our house in honor of some missionaries that were visiting from Kenya, that my parents church supports. So we invited all the Kenyans we knew from our church, and some other friends. Anyway, the Kenyans we knew taught us a song with a dance. It was awesome! I love Kenyans, they are so passionate when they worship! Anyway, the missionaries sat there stone cold with serious serious looks on their faces and arms folded, and didn't even try to join in. What was that! I realized later from talking to the missionary they are trying to take the culture out of the people they are ministering to because it is not godly. EEK!
So sad to me, because I know these people that were singing and dancing were expressing their God given gifts and offering lavish praise to God!
I felt sorry for the people that these missionaries were trying to help. And that brings me to another story. Ever heard of the band Watoto, I believe another Kenyan group of children that sings wonderfully. They came to our church in the Philly area years ago, and the whole church, well not the whole, started dancing around the room!! It was a delightful joyful time together having fun before our God - never did anyone dance like that again though!!!

Oh shoot one more, you mentioned there is a difference in the type of dancing, and there is a more prophetic form of dancing, I too would like to see more of that, and I heard a story that happened at Bill Johnsons church in Redding Ca,, where there was a woman dancing in the front during worship and all around her the air was cold, and it seemed as though she may be carrying a demonic presence, so Bill found out about it and sent a one of his members that was gifted in prophetic dance over to dance near the woman, apparently he knew that her dancing could over power the cold presence that was with this other woman and it did!!! So not only can our dancing be a means to worship our King, but it can send devils fleeing!!!

Dan Bowen said...

"Oh shoot one more, you mentioned there is a difference in the type of dancing, and there is a more prophetic form of dancing, I too would like to see more of that, and I heard a story that happened at Bill Johnsons church in Redding Ca,, where there was a woman dancing in the front during worship and all around her the air was cold, and it seemed as though she may be carrying a demonic presence, so Bill found out about it and sent a one of his members that was gifted in prophetic dance over to dance near the woman, apparently he knew that her dancing could over power the cold presence that was with this other woman and it did!!! So not only can our dancing be a means to worship our King, but it can send devils fleeing!!!"

That is an INCREDIBLE testimony. I was going to expect that Bill would go over and cast the demon out - but it really shows the power of dance and the superior power of the anointing! In my home church the woman would have been removed and the problem wouldn't have gone away because the woman would still be demonised!

I think we can't accept this anymore - or just palm these people off to psychologists and get them drugged up. Or as Lydia, Julie, Don and I know - they get church disciplined and "ultimatums" to sort themselves out or put out to Satan.

People with problems are an opportunity for the Church to demonstrate the miracle power of God! Not to be told by pastors that they haven't got the time.

lydia joy said...

Amen Dan! It goes to show much of the church is under a spell too, when they can't see first the demonic in action and secondly recognize their authority to deal with it and thirdly that it is their job to deal with it. Jesus said "preach the gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons." - Kinda straight forward and simple isn't it!!!!

Dan Bowen said...

Yes - why is that? That evangelicals have so conviniently phased out; "Heal the sick and cast out demons". Can we really believe the sick are no longer among us? Of course we can't. So we develop a convinient theology to cater for sickness and God's sovereignity. But demons? Have they disappeared? I doubt it. So where are they? And more importantly why aren't we driving them out anymore?

The only stuff I can find about demons is the "heresy hunters" writing against the territorial warfare that Peter Wagner and others propigate. Well fine - maybe territorial warfare has taken it a step too far and attributed the demonic strongholds with too much power (as they are disarmed at the Cross) but why ignore the demons that ARE oppressing people?

07000intune said...

Thanks Shawna for your comments.
There is nothing cryptic about going onward. Everything I know is to be found in the sources I have already quoted. What makes me particularly unique, at least for 10 that I am the only one known to me that has so far linked up Ern Baxter's vision with Ed Miller, some of the old saints like Brother Lawrence and Madame Guyon with the writings of Zerubbabel and the ministry's of the IMA. Gene Edwards does some of this linkage. Dan mentions loads of these , Lydia has again mentioned Ruth Heflin who kept close contact with Ed Miller. So it is all wheels within wheels!!!The reason I am rare is that not even Zerubbabel understand how they are linked with anyone...and they do have the enchilada to quote Don. The IMA know nothing about Zerubbabel, although I've sent emails and letters. And Ed Miller himself would have nothing to do with Ern Baxter and the Fort Lauderdale crowd....actually with hindsight, I think I can see why...because what he would have picked up in the Spirit was the Pyramid building they unfortunately did some of.Derek for one later repented and moved on.
I appreciated Don's comments. You must realise that far from giving up and hiving away for the rest of my life piano tuning...I am shaking my tail feathers and one thing I am doing is practicing on you lot!!! The other thing is God is gradually pushing me forward in the local church. In two leaking out highly radioactive versions of the 3rd Level in tiny bite size prophecies. This has accelerated in the last 18 months, and secondly, under their tutelage catching up on what I missed out on in the years from being chucked out to joining their church.

This is difficult for folk to pick up on....but I needed a clean break from the second level, to practice this new 3rd level way of doing life. The 2nd level tricks of
music and praise, and "doing meetings" along with the "stardom" that anointing brings, are absolutely no use when you've been chucked out and no one in your village is talking to you. Then the only thing left is to find God in normal things.And ofcourse this is why He let this all'll find the route march all described in Song of (Jesus) the lover gets a little tired of the Beloved's excuses that she loves the cosy praise and worship, and now she is all cleansed and ready for bed, she doesn't really relish going down to the myrrh beds thankyou very much and leaving the comfort of the 2nd level...and He arranges a little welcoming committee in the shape of angry anyhow, we get the overall message and start bonding with the Lord out there in the cold wilderness, until He reckons He dare let us loose with any of His precious kids.
This appears to be ministry training Bible style!!!

So back to Shawna...
I really recommend you send for a tape which can be ordered here called "Alphabet Soup" by a lady called Page Prewitt.
Do not let the fact that she does not know much about Baptism in the Holy Spirit put you off...nor any of the things that are now so plainly understood about healing etc...if there are any...thing is I haven't heard this tape, but I have heard her testimony which this is. And before any of the stuff freaks you out too much....remember Jacob was a sort of charismatic...he could faith in speckled sheep and then striped sheep....he was a faith man...but he needed straightening out on who he thought he was, which is what happened at Peniel. This is the same message behind Alphabet Soup.
So just as Jacob carried on being a faith man, don't let anything Page says rob you of anything you now have...just let it be added to!!!OK Is that alright??

lydia joy said...

I think people can wrap their brains around "wanting" healing to occur, but as to "doing" the stuff, it gets tricky for people to budge.
As for casting out demons, that is a different story. I am coming to understand a lot of Christians don't know a thing about demons or spirits, or that fact that Christians can have them, (I never understood myself, but I was determined to understand) - so I think what happens is in a move of God, when the demonic manifests, which it should, don't ya think, people assume that it is of the devil, which it is, and then accuse the move of God to be evil, when really what has happened is the demons are manifesting in response to God's power - and so the people of God should see this and cast them out!! plain and simple right? Nope, they panic and get weird and run away from it all! (well at least I have seen that happen in response to Lakeland)
Anyway, I think the church needs to understand the demonic only to realize they have all authority over demons and spirits and then know how to deal with the demonic in a deliverance way so they can be equipped for others and themselves!! I am learning, I want to be equipped!!!

Shawna said...

"I'm learning, I want to be equipped!" - Amen, Lydia! God has required us to do the impossible. I find myself saying "teach me!" all the time.
Chris - It's funny that you mentioned up above that Rob Rufus is in this process of figuring things out. It took me months of listening to him before I though "I'm not sure he knows all the answers", which makes him really different than a lot of preachers I've listened to over the years. Honestly, Rob Rufus has been my first exposure to a different way of living, and I've only started listening to him a year ago. I've never hear of the majority of people that you mention. I'm kind of stumbling around a little looking for, as you said earlier, someone who can say "these people will help you". (I'm not saying that I've been kicked out of anything (yet), although not everyone has appreciated it when I've said on occasion that we might be trying a bit too hard, and there's got to be a better way of going about things). So thank you for the Zerubbabel connection. I was looking at the website yesterday because you'd mentioned it in your previous comment and found a lot of writings by Norman Grubb. I'd actually read his book about Reese Howells back in March, but that was all that I knew about him. God seems to be setting up this trail of nuggets that I'm following. I'll definitely get the "Alphabet Soup" tapes. I'll take your advice as well as Rob's when he encouraged us to listen to who ever we want, keeping what is good. So, thanks again, and keep shaking and practicing!

07000intune said...

Shawna,and anyone else, I had a little revelation in the cinema queue when we went to see Wall-E...which by the way I defy anyone not to enjoy, on whatever age level.
I thought of this question. Is God forever going to split up His revelation and purposes into tiny little groups and then put it all together as everyone gathers en bloc. I mean, is it going to be like this in heaven too, or is it just a Fall thing, here on Earth?

Tell you what I mean. Up til Jacob, it was a single issue per generation....Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob....but then Jacob went and had 12 God's purposes then got spearheaded through a family of 12 ...which became the 12 tribes. Each with a specific prophecy over their future and a "flavour" of God's purposes through them. And if you read how they came to be so many, it was out of jealousy and rivalry on the part of the wives.

Now fast track forward, God pours out His Spirit in different waves and flavours, so we have Pentecostals, and Apostolics. Then the 60s came and we now have Kingdom Faith under Colin Urquart, Terry Virgo's streams, Barney Coombs's streams, basically apostolic hub after apostolic hub.
Each with their own prophetic environments...sad to say too, different rivalries, different belief strands...some good, some bad. Yet somehow the peer relationships are pushing each strand onward in the same way that Jacob's family moved onward into their callings. I'd like to say both the historical tribes of Israel and the new tribes of Pentecost just floated forward in Divine Anointing, and Godly Beneficence....but hey!!it hasn't been like that. And you know what, God is not phased at all. Knowing the flesh as well as He does, He still prophesied over the tribes of Israel and still accomplished His plans. He knows all the rivalries and factions in today's church too. Is He bothered? Well I expect He is bothered, but He is not phased....He'll still bring forth His Word concerning His Church. But my original question is whether things still have to work like this in heaven, or is it just a result of the Fall that He apportions all 3rd Level revelation out in tiny some to Rob Rufus, some to Zerubbabel, some to Ed Miller and Ruth Heflin some to the IMA, some to the countless presently unheard of ministries like me and the readers of this blog....and so on.
Shawna, regarding Norman, somewhere on these pages is a complete traversal through Norman's accomplishments...he calls them intercessions..something like 1st World War trench witnessing.Setting up Christian unions in universities; Inter Varsity Press; setting up Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade with CT Studd ,Setting up Christian Literature Crusade,was a Missionary to the Congo,wrote Book on Rees Howells Intercessor,also book on CT Studd,a 50 year analysis on how faith and intercession works in many books, then finally his piece de resistance "Yes I am" in the 80s, which describes how John 15-17 works and how Romans 3 through 8 works.Which I dovetail in with IMA and George Warnock Tabernacle material and call the 3rd Level, as in the Father stage of 1 John.
So as impossible as all the rest of his intercessions, accomplished with zilch finance whatsoever, he embarked on planting a ministry that would share the truths of the 3rd level, what he called the Total Truth of Christ living out His Life through us as us.And that's what he did for the last 20 years of his life, despised by his own organizations(CLC and WEC), despised by the charismatics...because they were only into gifts....and despised by the evangelicals...because they seem to spend their life despising everybody. In Song of Solomon there is a strange passage which says "I was a dance between 2 armies." I think Norman was a dance between 12 armies.
Let me tell you something funny. because at age 90, Norman was still travelling to small groups internationally, and had so many stamps on his passport,and by then he was in a wheelchair....the American authorities thought it was all so suspicious to see this man travelling everywhere, they kept wheeling him in for drug searches. They thought it was some big drug scam with a wheelchair!!!

lydia joy said...

Ooh, I just got to go see Mamma Mia!!!!!!!!!! Quite fun!!

Dan Bowen said...

Glad you enjoyed!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for that movie clip - that looks like so much fun, lol!