Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Rob Rufus on God TV!!

Both Pete and I were very excited to turn on God TV today to see if we could follow anything from Lakeland in Florida - and to see that Rob Rufus was speaking!! It was his second session from "Together on a Mission" in Brighton last year and it was so awesome to re-hear the truths and the power that was being presented from the platform. I must admit it did make me so hungry to be back in a conference setting again soon and exposed to a ministry of grace and glory.

Here's a clip:

It is so excited to see the prominence that God has given to Rob and to the message of grace and my prayer is that it progresses and progresses. The world needs to hear it!! The world is desperate to hear it!!


Shawna said...

Hi again - Isn't it amazing thinking about all that has happened with in the last year. There really has been an acceleration. I go to a newfrontiers church in the US so I love to hear Rob address newfrontiers groups or groups of people from the US. I just found out that the messages from the newfrotiers Northern European Conference that he preached at back in May are now online at
I started listening to the first one, they're in English translated to Dutch. Just thought I'd pass the info along. Shawna

Dan Bowen said...

Ah wow excellent Shawna - thanks for this information!! I have been eager to hear them! Are you coming to Brighton for the Newfrontiers conference next week?

07000intune said...

Shawna-tried to access the site. haven't been able to yet.
Dan - how are you saving and transmitting bits of video? How are you capturing God channel for instance then putting it up on your site?
Your clip the other day of John Macarthur has sparked a lot of thinking.( Not just - how do you do that videowise!!!) I'm very tired tonight after a long stint of stripping the strings off a piano, miles away.1840s Broadwood, and had to do it all manually as the pins were too small for my electric drill extractor.But while driving home I thought this.If we applied the same logic to a cessationist concerning salvation, as they do concerning the gifts to us...then it would go like this.
People who have had "the heartwarming experience"(Wesley) of a true conversion, what we call being born again, yet baulk at the idea of a supernatural experience of the Baptism in the Spirit....How would they feel when a religious church attender, with no pretensions to being born again says to them: " Actually you are deceived about the feeling of being born again". It is nolonger necessary. It was needed 2000 years ago when the church was all you have to do is to go through the rites of Eucharist/Holy Communion each week.
Any sense of being born again is not for today, as the church is now more mature. We have Bible knowledge now and as long as we are somehow keeping in mind the sacrifice of Jesus, we have no need of a personal experience of repentance any more.We are born again in the spiritual sense ofcourse, but no one should expect to have a personal feeling of being born again. This is not spiritual. This is arrogant, to say you have a personal feeling of being born again. It is unnecessary, because as a church Communion in this country, we now have the right doctrine, so by participating in services together, we celebrate the spiritual truths of salvation together. It is not necessary that any one individual has to experience salvation in a way that would be personally and distinctly felt. You only have to look at St Paul's Cathedral. They do things right there. The Royals get married there, so therefore it is clear that we should follow their lead, as they are a proper church, and we should not expect any personal experience any more.