Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Holiday for a Week!!

This is just a short note to say I am flying from the UK tomorrow early morning for a week's holiday in the Mediterranean with a group of friends!! It will be absolutely lovely to have some real sun (scarce here in the UK!) and also have some quality resting time. I've got a pile of books to do some quality reading and my IPOD is bristling with sermons just begging to be transcribed! I hopefully may get access to an internet cafe while abroad - but just a warning that posting may be a bit sporadic!

I really pray that you all have an awesome week - where the grace of God freshly falls upon you and His manifest, glorious Presence makes itself so obvious to you! Speak more on my return with revelations I hope God shares while away!!


07000intune said...

Dan have a great deserve it!!!

This 3rd level thing comes out of 1John "Children, Young men ,fathers"
Understood in that is this means male and female, because it is a picture of Spirit growth stages.Otherwise I wouldn't have got so blessed through Mother Basilea Schlink in 1974. Listening to her, after she had spent 2 weeks alone praying before speaking to us, was like liquid fire burning your insides out. She was laying a seed of the very Person of Jesus Christ in our spirits as we listened. And also wrecking us as far as run of the mill Christianity...and as I've said before, you then spend the rest of your life like a heat-seeking missile searching for others who radiate Jesus Christ. Words don't just cut it anymore.
Buried in these pages are 60 pages since Feb so far about the third level, so i won't repeat much.
But I wanted to encourage you in what you wrote. In my 3rd level tape of 1989 I talk about the "wheels in wheels " view of history. Simply, just as a whole load of cycles are happening in the natural world from the subatomic particles rotating about atoms, right up to galaxies going in opposite cycles and stages or levels are unfolding in the Spirit simultaneously. And what is absolutely fantastic is from day 1 of knowing Jesus, He gets us to work straight away in some aspect of His Kingdom. We're barely saved,
but His Presence is the same reality as when we are an aged we are able to pass on this reality from day 1. Amazing.
So even while the growth stages are working away within our beings, we are to enjoy every moment. A child doesn't think, one day I'll be a brain surgeon, so I mustn't do anything until I am fully I'll sit here and wait. No, a child is out there enjoying life, developing, doing stuff. So it must be in the Spirit.

If I'm right...and it is what I've been believing God for for over 20 years, is that corporately this move is something that has never happened before in the history of the world. That as Juan Carlos Ortiz said,"a time will come when everyone will be born again in the Holy of Holies" or 3rd Level.
This does not mean individually we become "Fathers" in the Spirit instantly....but from day one in Florida, people know how to approach this reality Presence of God, how to behave in His Presence, how to be sensitive to Him as He moves....when atmospheres change from the heights of praise to awesome awesome glorious hushed silence.
When as it says in the Bible,He is present to heal. When there is a gift of faith in the congregation to pray for something revival in a country, or to bring down an evil government.

This morning's meeting was quite amazing in many ways. Two friends who have just returned from Florida told me that being there is so much more than God TV can show.
There are different types of meetings going on. You meet so many key people. God's Presence is everywhere. He is literally downloading revelation as You are in His Presence worshipping...and ofcourse all sorts of healings are going on continuously around you. They said you are bombarded simultaneously by so much at all different is almost impossible to explain what it is like. And it is so evident when people return that they have touched something, because they then find themselves imparting so much. They said there were times when God's glory just comes down.
People just hit the floor. There is absolute silence - a glory silence for maybe 40 minutes. Some actually sense rain on their skin or other manifestations.

lydia joy said...

Dan, have an awesome time in the sun.....I must admit I am somewhat jealous, but I am super happy for you, you are getting to live the rich, single life, (did you ever read that one....heehee) - your regular posts will definitely be missed, but I am sure you will be loaded with great stuff when you get back after much refreshment!!! Much grace, peace and rest coming your way!!!!!

Don said...

Dan, I too wish you a blessed time of refreshment.

Did you know the 24/7 Prayer people have a strategic outreach there on Ibiza?

Last year I was in a meeting at which the head of their Ibiza base spoke about what they're doing there -- reaching out to the party-hearty Euros and seeing God move in power right there on the streets, in the bars, on the beaches.

Hope you can connect with these wonderful folks and maybe pick up another anointing stream!

Sheila said...

Dan, praying that God take you from strength to strength as you rest in Him this upcoming week. I read about the difficult meetings you had to deal with on your job...that alone is enough to warrant a time of real, physical and mental rest. Please avail yourself! Keep a relaxed awareness in your spirit - God wants to impart to you, even as you sit in the sun! (Oh, to even SEE the "Med"! :-) )

Grace and Peace...

jul said...

Have a great great time! I only have a little regret that you're not flying to sunny Canada hehe, but that is too selfish of me!

janelle said...

Oh man, I completely could have hooked you up with LOTS of sun in Florida. AND Disney tickets. Oh well. :-) Have a very blessed week, Dan!

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks all for your lovely warm and kind comments!! It´s so lush to log on - on holiday and see and read things like this from true friends!! Kinda makes me so eager to get back and get back into contact, and blogging etc! As to your offers of Florida, Canada ... wow ... I ACCEPT!! It´s just a small case of trusting God to provide the finances!

I was chatting to the guys I am out here with and I said, "The USA and Canada is SO next on my list of places to go and visit!".

Having an absolutely fantastic time out here ... loving the sun and the warmth and the refreshing rest ... and I have been busily transcribing in the sun too!! Well you have got to do something with all that lying around!!

You will all be pleased to know that Rob Rufus is now known in Ibiza!! A very friendly waiter was serving us drinks and wanted to know what I was doing writing away so busily. He had been watching me for an hour or so it seems.

So I explained about Rob, his ministry in Hong Kong and around the world, about Grace and Glory, about miracles, signs and wonders ... the waiter sat back and said ... wow ... could I pray for him? Because apparantly he had a bad back and it was quite painful. So without even thinking (because otherwise I would have chickened out and fell into fear and legalism!!) I did ... he started trembling, and vibrating and saying "Whatttt isss happennninnnngg!?!?!?!!?!?" and said his back felt fantastic!!


He promised to get onto the City Church International website and listen to the downloads - I recommended a few key grace ones.

So it´s been QUITE a week so far and we are only half way in!

Right ... will leave it there, much more I could say and was going to put it into a post but this wretched internet cafe in Ibiza Town won´t let me log into Blogger!! Drat!!

Heaps of awesome heavenly blessing to you ALL!! xxx

07000intune said...

Wow!!!Great stuff Dan.

lydia joy said...

Dan that is an awesome testimony!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!

Sheila said...

(That's me, squealing for joy, in my best Tennessee, southern drawl...)

Pray for someone else. Come on, Dan, do it again, do it AGAIN!


janelle said...

We serve a great God, Dan. Thanks for being an example and stepping out in FAITH.

Dan Bowen said...

I am reading Todd Bentley´s new book and really enjoying it!! Sorry to disappoint the skeptics and cynics who hoped I would come to see the light!! ;) But he wrote something that has really come as a dramatic revelation to me this week of rest and relaxation. He spoke about "Spiritual Anaesthetics" where basically God grabs you, stops the activity that you are rushing around in that is stopping you focussing on Him and forces you to rest and listen and relax in Him!!

Well I was thinking about that this week - I have been desperate to charge around having a very experience-orientated week of paragliding and speed boat racing etc but God has made me just rest and stay and lie listening to Him. Yesterday I had a remarkable experience that I emailed Don and Lydia and Julie in the context of speaking about something else, replying to something Don wrote.

I "almost" had an experience of heaven or of something close to it that was SO SO awesome! I won´t dramatise and say I got swept into the Third Heaven and had a tea-party with Ern Baxter and Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Paul the apostle because I didn´t. But I really felt the glory of heaven resting around me and I felt like I began to see something ...

That I was travelling over the earth at great speed and that while looking down I saw on every continent and nation that I passed over, not the normal traffic and the business of life but multitudes gathered filling every space, and together in worship!! And above me was a massive angelic prince who was acting as a conductor of the heavenly angelic and earthly choirs of worship.

I should mention that at this time I was listening on my IPOD to some worship from City Church in Hong Kong from their recent Miracle Healing meetings and they were singing the beautiful song: "For Thou oh Lord art high above all the earth, thou art exalted far above all gods".

And in my minds-eye, vision, whatever I felt like the angelic conductor was calling on different nations and continents to join in various parts of the song of worship. Sort of like: "Africa come on! Sing with me! Asia - your turn!! Sing up! Europe ... sing with your heart and mind and soul - worship the King!!".

It was truly awesome and magnificent and I felt like God was reminding me of the truth that it is heaven AND earth that we have to look forward to after the glorious coming of Jesus Christ!! Why do evangelicals bring this theology that we are escaping to heaven and there we will spend the rest of eternity? It´s heaven AND earth!! And as I was lying on my sun bed looking out over the Mediterrean sea I began to appreciate the glory of creation!!

I can´t believe the week is almost over and we fly home on Monday. But I have transcribed Rob Rufus´s two messages from the Newfrontiers Conference in Europe (and listened to Dave Holden´s two messages ... AWESOME!!!).

A question ... why has Dave Holden not been preaching at the last few Brightons?!!?!? WHAT a guy! WHAT a preacher!! WHAT reality!! Who else could stand there in front of thousands like he did and talk about how he fell out of the bath while on holiday and broke two ribs and wonder aloud to Liz Holden why the angels didnt come and hold him up!?!? And then get told by Liz that they probably did but he has too heavy!?!!? Classic!!

Just a vote from the common people. Terry ... bring Dave Holden back to Brighton. Visiting speakers are all well and good, but there is some AMAZING men in Newfrontiers!! Miss him!

And on that note, I will sign off because the internet cafe is blaring alarms!! Much love to all ... keep resting and basking in the grace of God!!

Nick Cameron said...

Dan - So awesome to read what has been happening on your holiday - wow sounds like God was moving when it came to the waiter - totally awesome! Come to London for a break - let the fire fall!
Longing for some fresh encounters!
Nick x

lydia joy said...

I just got a huge sense, just now moments before I began typing - that because of your faithfulness and obedience to God to pray for your waiter, and you did it in boldness, he is going to show you favor, like the servant who was given 5 talents and went out and gained five more......He is going to extend favor to you!! Not only because of that but because of how you are serving Him with your writing and this very blog!!! I just really believe that!! Favor Lord, pour out your favor on your beloved child!!! You have pleased Him greatly by stepping out in faith Dan, and I just strongly felt that God wanted you to hear that!!!!

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks Nick and Lydia!! Most certainly will come to London for a visit soon ... really really motivated, and stirred by the need to not just rest in my comfort zone at home safe in Birmingham where it is easy - but both Scott and I have been agreeing that we need to step out in faith, and I really believe that includes visiting friends ... no, actually spiritual soul mates like many of you guys are!!

I don´t just mean that lightly - but I have been thinking about this phenomenon of the internet and blogging and so on and how it has allowed many of us who are like-minded in being unashamedly desperate of more of God, more of the anointing, more of the glory - Don, Sheila, Julie and Aaron, Lydia, Janelle, Jesse - we may differ in church methadology but one thing is so true - we love and hunger and long for more of God!!

And so visiting is something I really feel is so on my heart as God supernaturally provides the money to do so (or ... teleporting!!). London, Florida, Canada, USA, Hong Kong - God has created one big awesome huge world and it is there to be redeemed and restored for His glory and His triumph and His FAME!!

Tomorrow is our last day here in sunny Balaeric Islands and I must say its been the fastest week ever! Rob said something just AWESOME when I was taking notes from the Sunday night Miracle Healing Weekend. I´ve made no secret that work has been incredibly difficult for me in Birmingham.

Rob said that when we go back to work, we don´t have to go back with a victim mentality - but we walk into that place of work like we OWN IT IN THE SPIRIT!! Because we do!! Even if we aren´t CEO´s!! And so that is my drive, my hunger - to come back from this time away strong in the glory!!

Got much to post on my return on Monday - 3 Rob Rufus sermons coming and many thoughts and ponderings!!

Have one awesome weekend folks!!

PS: And LYdia again ... thanks SO SO much for your awesome word! Its such an INCREDIBLE blessing to read that and feel it strike home as the prophetic does!!

lydia joy said...

It's your last day -SOAK IT UP!!!! -I am glad you were encouraged by what I shared.......!!!! That was the whole point, heehee!!!!

07000intune said...

Christine and I have been away at a Christian friend's wedding in the Derby area. She and I have been catching up with the folks up there.(One exciting field is in the area of the "Celebrate Recovery programmes" now being taken into prisons around the UK!!!! Find info here So when we returned we heard about the meeting this morning here in Havant. God used these two I told you about last week, just back from Florida to work a mighty deliverance for somebody on the island here. He testified to it.
Peter and Mariette Stott were back today. I was told the Presence of the Lord was so deep, yet gentle this a new stage of worship had been reached. Peter had had stuff planned, but only spoke for 3 minutes. At some point he had stressed about Todd NOT being in the centre of it all, but that there was a very strong leadership team around him, advising him....particularly about pacing himself. At one point he and Shawna were told to take a 10 day break.Another time he was just going on, but they advised him to rest. But God is still there!! As Morris Cerullo always says,"This is not the work of a man, but of the Holy Spirit!"

07000intune said...

OOps I forgot to say how much the world vision thing blessed me, Dan.To think of all that mighty praise going up from all the different continents.