Thursday, July 03, 2008

Newfrontiers Conference in Europe!!

Many thanks to contributer Shawna for this really exciting link. The European Newfrontiers Conference sounded pretty exciting and obviously I have heard Rob's report on it here but the audio links are now available here! We have;

Session 1: An In Between People - Henk Kersten

I am greatly looking forward to working through the sessions because sadly we missed hearing Dave Holden speak at last year's "Together on a Mission" - and he is one of my favourite Newfrontiers speakers without a doubt. I haven't heard Mike Betts or Hank Kersten before - but obviously I hope to bring out the transcripts of Rob's sessions as soon as my horrible week calms down!


07000intune said...

I couldn't make Shawna's link work.Thanks Dan

Shawna said...

Really sorry about the bad link, Chris. I'm glad that you were able to fine the page and post the links here, Dan. And no, we're not able to go to Brighton this year (we've actually never been!). It was nice how the messages were posted pretty soon after they were preached last year, I remember checking back fairly frequently to see what was new on the newfrontiers website. Hope they do that again this year. Shawna

Dan Bowen said...

Pleasure Chris - this sort of faith-building teaching needs to be widely available!!

Hey Shawna, well this will be the first year for some time that I haven't gone to Brighton (at least for the whole conference - not sure if I am even going to go down for day visits yet) so it does feel distinctly odd not being part of an incredible conference! So like you I will be waiting eagerly for the audio-messages to come out and any live blogging that may be taking place from the growing list of Newfrontiers bloggers!!

See here for the link of the list;