Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't Miss It!! At Any Cost, Don't Miss It!!

I was hugely stirred and motivated to read these comments in Bill Johnson's "When Heaven Invades Earth" last night (read Terry Virgo's review of the book here);

"History is filled with people who prayed for a visitation of God and missed it when it came ... As has been stated, quenching the Spirit is probably responsible for the end of more revivals than any other single cause. Even those who have embraced the move of God often come to a place where their comfort zone is stretched about as far as they are willing to go.

They then begin to look for a place to settle - a place of understanding and control. The second greatest reason for a revival's end is when the Church begins to look for the return of the Lord instead of pursuing a greater breakthrough in the Great Commission. That kind of hunger for heaven is not encouraged in Scripture. It turns the blessed hope into the blessed escape.

To want Jesus to come back now is to sentence billions of people to hell forever ... I believe the desire for the Church to be in heaven now is actually the counterfeit of seeking first the kingdom. There is a difference between crying for heaven now and heaven here! If revival has brought us to the end of our dreams, does that mean we have reached the end of His? A revival must go beyond all we can imagine - anything else falls short".

There's so much coming - but when it comes, let us (by God's lavish grace) do nothing to hinder it or cut it short!


07000intune said...

Ryan Wyatt from Knoxville covered just about everything you could possibly cover tonight in his teaching session in Florida on God TV. If my identity was based in my teaching, I would be seriously depressed right now, having waited all this time to share...only to find that Ryan has said most of it.
the thing that will really blow people's minds when it comes with anointing, is the full practics of Norman Grubb's teaching, some of which is on Alphabet Soup.
praise God, Jesus Life is so full, it's not the teaching which is the thing, it's actually living it. We're just going to explore and explore "the heights and the depths"...the supernatural part, the wonderful birthing of His lush fruit in us, His awesome Presence, we're going to just enjoy so much as we are together in meetings, never coming to an end of where we can go in worship.Gifts are going to be normal outside of meetings!We're going to reach so many for Christ.
i found Mark Driscoll's sessions in Brighton really stimulating...and really a case of iron sharpening iron. i really feel more at home I suppose in Florida, and what is just beginning in our home church....But Mark makes so many challenging pithy statements and teaching points, that I then refer back into my own vision. And at one level it is difficult to argue with someone who starts a home meeting then goes to over 8000 in a decade.

07000intune said...

Based on today's newspaper item about how Al-qaeda seems to be moving its base of operations http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/guest_contributors/article4425820.ece , I thought I'd bring out a German prophecy which Michael Hammond sent me 2 weeks ago from a trusted Prophet in Berlin. He writes"Dear family and friends,

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied to you all.

I received this e-mail from my fellow worker, Pastor Matutis and read it with deep interest. For those of you who have received his prophetic messages( general or specific) in the past, the word of the Lord given to him are accurate. Glory be to God.

To most, this will be your first time of contact with his ministry. In any case, my deep interest in this particular word of the Lord or vision is because the Lord had repeatedly shown me a scripture for over a year now ( as below) about a disaster from Egypt that will affect the West and will shock them .( especially UK, possibly due to its interest there). In addition, the scripture, Jeremiah:25:29-33 ( Please do read this scripture and the other to be related yourself) and beyond was also given to me last year . I had planned to include them in the seasonal letter which I normally send out, but unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, could not do so last Christmas.

Already, we have seen major disasters in Japan and other parts of the world this year and if you had received the letter( if written) and in recalling those sent in the previous years, you will agree that these prophetic messages are accurate and in line with the scriptures. Praise God. God had, given similar prophetic revelation to His servants ( the Prophets) since He will not do anything without telling His sons the Prophets; the scriptures says. Amen.

The other scripture as already marked in my Bible is Ezekiel 30: 1-9 ( 3-4/9)
We have to bear in mind that history repeates itself, aside from the fact that these scriptures refers to 'the day of the Lord' meaning end-time events that will preceed Christ coming which the prophetic vision given to God's servant, Pastor Matutis agrees with. In fact, Ezekiel 30:4 talks about wealth being destroyed( and for that matter being transfered) and revival is sure to come in UK and Europe. Amen.

This is a time of preparation for the Body of Christ to be ruptured and for you and me to get ready for the Master's return through our prayer, constantly reading the scriptures and applying them to our lives, more service to Christ particularly winning souls for christ in a greater intensity than before) and leading consecrated lives.

It was not my original intention to write you this sermon, (Monday morning), but after reading the vision, I felt impressed to add this comment which may be a source of encouragement to most of you who will be privileged to receive this e-mail. Please, if feasible, Kindly pass it on to bless others.

May I take the opportunity to apologize to those who might have tuned in to my radio programme about a couple of weeks ago and were disappointed that I did not minister on that occasion and since then. The change in programme was without advance notice, except at the eleventh hour in the early hours of Saturday and it was not feasible to send the message across to you. Alternatively, I was offered to minister from Sunday midnight to Monday morning and in taking other factors into consideration at present, has been suspended. You will recieve advance notification when resumed ( the Lord permitting).Your prayers for God to open more doors and opportunities to minister will be a blessing. Many thanks and best of restoration blessings.

Yours for Christ,

Michael Hammond.

"Johannes W. Matutis" wrote

God gave me a vision this morning (11.07.2008).
I saw how, through a very small spark, a whole ammunition depot was blown up.
And the Lord said to me, “Write it down quickly, and let all your friends
know, so they will be warned, and not panic."
And this is what I saw: It was a black middle-sized bomb, which was fired into
the desert like a missile. It looked like it was a maneuver, or a military
It was fired cluelessly; it did not meet its target, and looked like a false
start. It appeared as if the bomb exploded in the middle of the desert.
It had apparently missed its target, and dropped off in the desert.
Alas, no one had an idea that right at that point in the desert, below the
sand, a mighty armory was located, which had been secretly placed long before
this time.
This small bomb, which had missed its target, now triggered an inferno.
The explosion from the stored bomb under the sand was no longer to be stopped.
Every minute brought about another greater and more severe explosion.
It refused to stop. The smoke that resulted from these explosions caused
darkness in the whole world.
The whole world was here, like a village.
All the people I saw were seriously affected, shocked and horrified.
They called out and screamed, “How could people be so crazy as to explode
bombs here, even though they are for test purposes”.
It went blow after blow.
There was no one who could stop this catastrophe, or to quench the fire.
No one even had the ability to do so. There arose a great and mighty cloud of
smoke up to the sky, just like the eruption of a mighty volcano.

As I continued to look at this inferno, I saw on the floor, the map stretched
from Egypt, Israel, Syria up till Pakistan, and in the middle was Saudi
Arabia. This was in my estimation, the location of the great armory that was
blown up. There was much sand and waste land all around. Â
The smoke and the desert sand from this inferno spread itself like wildfire
over the whole world and brought about darkness even at bright midday.

The whole world panicked. Even I woke up with a start, and asked myself what
had happened.

The Lord said to me. “Tell my children, they should not fear, because I the
Lord am with them. I am still in control”. I am to tell them this “do not
break out in panic, when this happens – soon. It must happen in order that my
coming be prepared for”.  In the same vein, the Lord showed me how all the
great and mighty fled, each seeking a cave, or bunker in order to hide
himself. The world economy, every economic alliance collapsed like a pack of
cards. No one wanted to know anything about them anymore. Everyone ran for
his dear life. Everything burnt. There was panic and confusion everywhere.

As I continued to pray, the Lord said to me “but you my children, you belong
to my family, all you who belong to my house, I will not allow you to find
your graves with the godless. I will come and catch away my own, and save
them. You will see these dark clouds; you will experience the dull days,
without the sun, but they cannot harm you.

I, the Lord, am your shield, your protection. Just like I once protected my
people Israel from the angel of death in Egypt, so will I protect all them
which have my blood (The blood of Jesus) over themselves, or which will be
seen under the blood of Jesus. You are my firstborn, whom I will protect and
keep myself.

Hold out, through whatever experiences you are going, as it will lead you to a
deeper relationship with me. It only strengthens your faith.
It brings you closer to me, and makes you ready for the days of the shaking,
and the day of visitation. My children, the judgment must take place first,
as the sins and godlessness of man have cried out to me in heaven. Never has
man been so godless and unrighteous. Their cups of transgression have become
full and run over.

And thus says the Lord, “my people, the time has come for you to arise and
raise your voices to warn the people against my great and terrible day of
judgement, which is coming on people of the world. The riches of this world
will be destroyed, but my kingdom comes, says the Lord. You my child, believe
and trust me, be faithful to me, serve me, so will you and your house be
saved. And fear not, you are inscribed upon the palm of my hands. I am still
with you in your boat, and I will bring you, and all the people with you, to
safety on the other side (shore) says the Lord.

Please, if possible, send this vision to all your friends. Translate if
necessary, and let your friends know, “it will take place soon”.


Pastor Joh W. Matutis
www.nnk-berlin.de  (see the english menu)

I know that this vision is from God. God speaks to me. I'll give you an
example. Before the eruption of the Yugoslavian conflict, God gave me an
assignment one morning to take the next plane to Yugoslavia(Vinkowski) to
deliver a God-given message to the church. At first, I did not know exactly
what I was supposed to tell them, but as I got there, God showed me that they
were to buy up a nearby barn. During the service, I took a collection for the
purchase which money the brethren used to purchase the barn.
Shortly after that, the Yugoslavian war began. An American bomb struck the
church, as well as the barn, and destroyed it. After the war, the American
government, as compensation for this destruction built, at its expense, a
beautiful church on the land that had been the barn. This is just one out of
many examples.

So I am obeying the Lord and sending this vision to as many as possible. I
could also refer you to scriptures bordering on these revelations.

But you can all read that in your bibles yourselves, in Revelations
11:15 -19:4 for example.

07000intune said...

Why 1st and 2nd level ministries are frightening?
Why the world instinctively know not to trust
Churches run by 1st and 2nd level ministries, but are too scared to join 3rd level Acts type churches.

Genesis 3:5 shows that we took out the God Power lead
From the socket in our spirits and the devil lied to us that
We could function perfectly well without a lead, as gods in our own right.
He never told us that for “gods in our own right” we should have read “Power lead
Connected to Devil.” He deliberately never told us this truth. Our spirits need powering by something and there are only 2 Power leads. God or the Devil.

Until we see this principle, we remain in the Dark. And the Dark is this.
We think we as “self-running beings” can simply choose to do God’s stuff and we will be OK. This, if you strip the 1st and 2nd levels down to the bare bones with a Holy Spirit Xray machine is what is wrong with these levels. It’s not what people say. Largely at any rate. It is at their spirit level, who they think they are. And this is what the sludge looks like under a Microscope. There is a cockiness. There is an over confidence. The You Tube example of John Macarthur that you showed was a shocking example. Here was a man in the Prime of his ministry, quietly and self-assuredly answering questions, but his spirit was saying, “I have made it folks. You must learn to be as successful as me. “ Everything that he said was faultless at the surface level, ( actually having gone through the Holy Spirit being chased round the wilderness mill, I took exception to what he said about ministries developing in the quiet cosy surroundings of a local body, and not out on your own. Tell that to King David or Moses?) but the guy would not be asked onto a 3rd Level Ministry platform.
Well, not without a lot of firm boundaries.

Does this sound harsh? Well guess who are the harshest judges of all? The world. They have X-ray vision. Let’s use another example. Stereo and mono sound. True stereo has to be in stereo from start to finish, from recording mike, through production right up to when you listen on a stereo CD player. If at any point anything is mono in the chain the end result is mono sound. Third level ministry functions in the order of Melchizedek. As far as we can gather some of the most 3rd level type stuff up to this point happened in Wales using Evan Roberts, who never even moved from the floor until he knew God required him to do something. The anointing would fall, and he was often just motionless and hadn’t even done anything in the meeting.

We are at an odd point in history. Many are now aware there is something seriously wrong with the 2nd level, but are at a loss as to know exactly what. They just know instinctively, the pyramid ministries….the worship bands….the cocky sermons…the lack of power.

Here are some tell-tale clues to how Jesus was around 1st and 2nd level guys:
1. Someone said to Him “Good Teacher”. He said,”Why are you calling me good? There is only one that is good, the Father up in heaven” implied….Don’t you come to me calling me good as though I am an independent self with some kind of natural goodness, like you think you possess. We are none of us independent. If you are saying I am good because I am in the Father and He is in me, OK, but I don’t think you are saying that.
2. He said to them “if the Light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness.” If John Macarthur’s answers to questions, while being an attempt to be the Light of God, are said by a man who still thinks he is an independent being, then as enlightening as his Biblical answers are he is still in darkness, and worse still he is promulgating that darkness by being in ministry. His stereo answers, might appear stereo to many ears, but if they are coming out of a mono system, they are in truth only mono. And the world knows this instinctively.
3. It says, at this point He(Jesus) was giving Himself to no one, because He knew what was in them. This means that at this point in their development, none of them really knew who they were, that is Spirit containers, and because they were still undefined, the devil could at any time hook into their sense of independence and get them to do anything…like betray Him at the drop of a hat, steal from the money bowl, come up with Satan suggestions like “Don’t go up to Jerusalem, it is so unnecessary”, or other great suggestions like “ Oy, you know James and John, I want them at the head of the pyramid Jesus, sitting at your right hand in heaven!!!You will do that for their mum won’t You.” I spent 10 years living huge chunks of my days, much of the time 24/7 with 2nd levellers like myself, and after giving myself into a Body like this you’d think it counted for something. But let me tell you…the 2nd Level counts for almost nothing. You can only give yourself safely to people that have walked the 3rd level road. These people know who they are, who they were, and how they are now only containers for the Christ who lives through them. Through the uniqueness of their individuality yes, but not in the phony presentation of “the independent life”, as before. Without the 3rd level revelation, all 2nd Level Body Life is building on a foundation of jelly. If it were not so, then I would have still inherited at least one relationship out of 10 years total time investment into a 2nd level church.
If God has blessed any of you with being present at a “Love Feast”…even as a taster of the great things to come….you will know already what we are going to experience more and more. The 3rd level or glory level makes this possible. Remember God said “ But as truly as I live, the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” It did not say”filled with a knowledge of salvation.” It did not say filled with the “Young man “ revelation of overcoming the Evil One”. It said “filled with the knowledge of the glory of God…the knowledge of how to live there…in the 3rd level, the glory level.

07000intune said...

I was single until 40, then I married Christine who had 3 daughters. The youngest Jenny is in the Times lawlists today for having passed her Guildford Law exams. Many congratulations to her.
She had a rough day yesterday. She was in Holloway Ladies prison London with a rather psychotic lady. She is only 22.

Terrence D. said...

Dan, there appears to be a great movement of the church that is quietly growing "under the radar" virtually unnoticed. Have you seen this:

Your thoughts?

07000intune said...

Terrence d. That was a very interesting clip. Not only the subject matter, by the way...but also seeing Tony Fitzgerald again after 20 years. I mentioned his wife's breakthrough healing earlier this week. Boy, he doesn't half look like how I remember his Dad now.

07000intune said...

After writing the above, we learned about the beached whale down the road. We took what pics we could and put them on our home page news pages . http://www.piano-s.com/news_view.asp?news_id=62

07000intune said...

A better whale picture. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article4446090.ece .
Sad end to the tale.
Here is an action plan for beached whales. Have 4 portable plastic walls which can be linked together and sealed in a watertight manner, creating an enclosure of sufficient depth around a whale....then flood the insides of the wall with water so the whale can be buoyant while waiting for the tide to return. This would prevent damage to the whale's internal organs. What do you think? Sorted!!!

Sheila said...

Hi there, Dan! Are you okay? Just wanted you to know you are on my heart, and I will pray for you before I turn in for the night. Have a blessed, blessed Lord's Day, my friend...

Dan Bowen said...

Hey Chris,

Another series of awesome comments there that again so deserve to be in a blog post!

Also thanks for the video clip Terrance - like Chris, I found it fascinating. I am amazed at how much can grow and develop in the Spirit under the radar without publicity! It's awesome and I will be watching with interest.

Thanks Sheila - yes I'm fine, I have been away for the week down in Cornwall visiting a dear friend - sort of like a blood brother to me. We've had some incredible conversations, sharing. Like the rich young ruler, he is "so close to the Kingdom". I am desperate for him to encounter the Kingdom in real power and glory - so this time I introduced him to Rob Rufus!! We haven't spoken since I have encountered Rob's ministry.

I think he found it incredible - so different to what perception's he is used to of church. (My friend is a gypsy romany by the way - a fascinating history!). I've told him all about the "Glory and Grace Conference" in Hong Kong next year and he has agreed to come if time and funds permit.

What better way to baptise a non-Christian into a life of the glory cloud of God?!

So as you can imagine, I am hugely excited. Rob and City Church don't perhaps go through the "specialists" methods to reach the lost. There's no need. The glory is more than enough! Even just the taste of playing Rob's prophetic song from the Miracle Healing weekend was enough.