Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ern Baxter on Experience and Phenomenon

I wanted to post two short video clips by Ern Baxter from the series he preached on Romans at the Anglia Bible Week. They are well worth listening to because he very wisely addresses the issue of "experiencing the Holy Spirit". I debated whether to post these or not because I was watching to see if the Lakeland, Florida Revival has got over the issues that Toronto used to have. What do I mean by that? Don't get defensive! I am very VERY pro the Lakeland Revival! I am so excited! I can't believe that Chuck Pierce prophesied this in 2005! This is of God! But the critics of Toronto quickly seized on the fact that there was a "copying" of phenomenon. In some instances it became such an issue that; "if you didn't fall then you hadn't received the blessing". Or if; "You didn't shake, rattle and roll then you hadn't received the blessing".

Now it seems Todd Bentley likes to go "Pow!". So what?! God is moving and using him! But let's not get into the temptation of thinking that we all have to go "Pow!" for God to use us in the same way as He is using Todd Bentley. We can listen openly to Ern Baxter speak about this because he was a self-proclaimed and proud charismatic! He lived and died not regretting his openness to the Holy Spirit but his love for the Word of God! As Rob Rufus frequently says; "Let's not go seeking after the power but the Presence". What happens when He comes is not as important as the fact that HE HAS COME!!

Here they are (they're quite funny!):

Part 1

Part 2

Did you note what Ern said at the end of the second video clip? Sounds very similar to Rob Rufus doesn't it! He isn't belittling our spiritual experiences or our "goosebumps" (one of Ern's favourite phrases for describing the coming of the Spirit). But we MUST MUST MUST have this revelation that we are righteous before God the Father! That will set us free to enjoy all the shaking, falling, rattling, rolling, and "Pows!" that we like!

Ooh come Lord!! The United Kingdom needs Your Presence!! Hong Kong needs Your Presence!! Canada needs Your Presence!!


07000intune said...

Amen amen amen.
I want a church that is like the holy of holies.
It has stuff with acacia wood in.
That is the quirky, totally unique character of each and everyone of our personalities.Stuff that no one can copy, because you are you and I am me, and they are they etc...But the acacia wood is covered on the inside and outside with gold. So we have the Solid Gold of His Word Living His Life through us, but also Holy Spirit stuff going on on our outsides....then as if this wasn't enough glory....there is the actual Presence of God Himself hovering between the cherubim over us into the bargain. Now that's what I call church...or the 3rd Level. I am bored with the second level. The prophecies and visions of the holy place, the regular teaching of the Word of the candlestick and the shewbread are all great....But they are not the real thing!!! What use is singing 2 hours of choruses and then going off lying, cheating,addicted to porn, living in pride, scorn..running up debts, in short just being a general pain. I want His Life doing stuff on the inside and outside of me, but more than that I want to know, even with all this, He Himself has not abandoned me, or the believers I am with and that He is still humbling Himself to fly overhead in His actual Presence, leading us on in His corporate historic unfolding of how He plans to raise Jesus to the highest place in the Earth.

jul said...

Dan, that is funny stuff, then awesome stuff! yes, he does sound like Rob, or maybe we should say Rob sounds like Ern??? Anyway, I think he in heaven watching you and getting such joy to see that the Lord is using you to continue the work he started using him for.

I always find these kinds of words encouraging anyway since nothing weird ever seems to happen to me...yet! I mean outwardly, there's always weird stuff going on on the inside haha!

chris said...

Did you see the Birmingham stuff being mentioned on God channel? A friend emailed through this link re Dudley. So it's started!!!!