Monday, April 28, 2008

Rob Rufus on the Lakeland Revival

I've been eagerly waiting to hear Rob's opinion on the Lakeland Revival. Here it is:

"If you are watching via the world wide web, the healing revival that is going down in Florida - it is AWESOME what God is doing and the prophets are saying it is going world wide! I preached 2 weeks ago on the "Flood of Glory is Coming" and 2 weeks later a flood of glory is released in Florida and going world wide over the web and it is happening around the world! If I wasn't preaching to a 1000 leaders in Europe and in conferences and churches in the UK in 2 weeks time then I would be on my way to Florida right now and would sit there and grab it all".

Rob Rufus - "Fully Free From Guilt In Order To Be Fully Covered By The Glory" - City Church International, Hong Kong - Sunday 27th April 2008.


Peter Day said...

I've been waiting, too! Awesome. And I love his attitude - even though they are seeing breakthroughs in Hong Kong, he is eager to go and receive himself!

jul said...

That's so great!!!! Stupidly I hadn't connected his prophetic message with the Florida thing, but that makes sense. Hey Dan, maybe you could go at the same time as Rob hehehehehe.....

Dan Bowen said...

Wowww wouldn't THAT be great?!!? Meeting a man of God of whom the world is not worthy in an atmosphere of such awesome Holy Spirit downloads?!?! I really think I would do an Enoch and walk with God (and Rob) and simply "was not"!!

ladynada said...

I have watched the revival on the web and am now a moderator in one of the chat rooms.

After 15 days, of participating, TWICE per day, I can tell you that I am now in the Kingdom of God. I wake up in the Glory of Jesus every day since last Thursday. My mind has been cleared of all past traumas including the ancient ones from before the creation (the fall). And much much more.

I can only tell u what I did. I found out about it two saturdays ago and by the second day, I placed my destiny in God under the mantle of this MOVE OF GOD, and since then, I have reaped all the benefits of this Glory Of Jesus which comes to meet us at each meeting and is also present in cyberspace in the chat room.

This Glory of JEsus is now IN ME, always. I woke up sunday morning in the Glory.

Friday, I did more things throughout my day, errands, cleaning, laundry, cooking, TWO meetings for the revival, and at midnight, I said WOW what a day. not tired. enjoyed it all. I have joy, peace of mind.

this is MY personal testimony to you all.

This revival is a move of our God.

I love u all, see u in the chat.