Monday, April 14, 2008

Sanctification - No Longer a Dirty Word!

While myself, Lydia, Pete and others wait eagerly for news from Hong Kong as to how our dear friends Julie and Aaron are getting on at the "Glory Encounters" Conference - I have been wonderfully biding my time by listening to sermons! Today when I was driving home from work I listened to Ryan Rufus's awesome sermon; "Sanctification By Grace"The Trinity of Man - Part 1" - which he preached on Sunday 30th March 2008 while Rob and Glenda were in Australia. Rob was truly right to draw attention to Ryan's gift of teaching.

Normally I stay away from sermons on sanctification because for some reason it seems to be a concept that attracts "Law teaching" like a magnet! No matter how grounded in grace the Bible teacher may be - there is something about sanctification that instantly attracts and moves the Church into; "I must DO - DO - DO" rather than standing firm in the revelation that; "It is DONE - DONE - DONE!".

Here are a few quotes to whet your appetite - I will eventually be typing the whole sermon up. It is a must for me if no one else! This first one particularly is (I think) absolutely key;

"People are trying to use something we are no longer under - the law - to restrain something that we no longer have - our sinful nature".

The second quote is more about defining what a correct view of sanctification is;

"Sanctification is about allowing our position in Christ to flow through our current condition".

And finally this third glorious quote works towards answering how we go about seeing sanctification happen in our lives;

"Sanctification is where your earthly condition starts to become more and more like your heavenly position - the means of this happening is not by willpower or self-effort or through the Law but through regular transforming encounters with the God of glory".

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