Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rob Rufus on Angelic Visitations

In light of my 700th post asking where have the angels and demons gone (if anywhere) I was interested in listening to Rob speaking on "Invading the Impossible - Part 12" to hear him make the following comments (reporting on the "Grace and Glory Conference" held in Sydney recently).

"There is something abnormal if the Church today doesn't have angelic visitations".

"Any angel that comes to you - don't worship that angel! That angel comes to help you worship Jesus - to minister to you. Jesus was ministered to by angels when He was so exhausted after His wilderness experience. So angels were seen and actually many saw angels outside the the meetings. While they were walking through the streets of Sydney, people saw angels standing behind people. Angels reaching out to people and trying to save people".

"I am so glad that the Church is becoming normal again".

The Church is becoming NORMAL again! I am so provoked and excited by that! My question is being answered. They didn't go anywhere. We as a Church are beginning to realise that Christian life is not solely about cerebral academics and theology - but we are spiritual beings living in a spiritual world. And angels are sent from heaven to minister to us! They are here - we just need to look properly!

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