Monday, April 14, 2008

Pictures from the Dales Bible Week 1978!

Christian life moves so fast in God that sometimes I may be accused of forgetting what this blog was originally set up for - to honour the memory and ministry of Dr Ern Baxter - and particularly his input into the Charismatic scene in the United Kingdom. I do think it is right to not look back with nostalgia and sentiment so much that you don't move anywhere - but rather to see great men of God such as Ern Baxter as providing foundational apostolic teaching on which to build on - that one day we may indeed take the Land as the corporate Body of Christ!

So I was excited to find these pictures and a report from the Dales Bible Week 1978. Now Ern Baxter was not present that year due to ill health so his close friend and collegue Bob Mumford attended in his place and was the keynote speaker. I have zoomed in on this picture particularly from the spread as you can see Terry Virgo standing next to Bob Mumford as they worship - and Arthur Wallis is on the end of the platform.

This is the main spread from which I took the picture;

May we truly see the Government of God in our lives soon!


cck member said...

Wow! Terry in a tie!? I never knew he could wear one of those!! ROFL!! Still great to see he was so passionate in worship back then too. An incredible find!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pix! Good find!

s a j b

Dan Bowen said...

Agreed both - I do sometimes laugh tho, there are those who sentimentally remember the Dales and I frequently hear; "Oh I wish we were still in those day". I am not sure how men like Terry would feel about going back to wearing ties, and the women wearing berets!

That being said, I think the 1970's were a key decade of awesome unity in the UK and the Dales Bible Week represented that. Where else could you find so many different charismatic leaders sitting on the same platform? It was foundational I think for what we are going into to come.