Friday, April 25, 2008

Joshua Mills Prophecies Over Rob Rufus!!

I was so blessed this morning - was just getting ready to go to a study day at work and listening to "Invading the Impossible - Part 14" and Rob was sharing very honestly how he and Glenda have come under some heavy criticism recently. Pete and I speak quite often about Rob (!!) and pray for him and we agreed that we suspected that we couldn't actually even imagine the kind of fire he has to walk through to pioneer the grace message.

So Rob shared this. And in light of what I have learnt recently about the prophetic from Rob - I hope I can dedicate this transcript of a prophecy from Joshua Mills to pastors and elders everywhere who are going through persecution for preaching the grace message (A.P.W.B.D - you know who you are!!). May the Spirit of God fall on you and apply this to your hearts with power and give you encouragement to stand up, hold your head up high and keep preaching that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, now - forever and always!!

Here's the transcript of Rob's account:

"So we are sitting in the car agonising (about the attacks) saying "What can we do? What shall we do?" and we didn't tell Joshua Mills about the criticism and he comes in and as you know, in the middle of the meeting he started prophesying over us. I was blessed by what he said but I didn't actually get everything because I was getting more blessed by your support as you were shouting and clapping because you knew what was going on!

So I was getting so blessed that I had to get it typed out to know what he said. But he says here;

"God says you have been on display and others have been watching. You have been on display for others to look and people to criticise, for people to accuse and for people to point fingers but God says in the middle of the fire there is a manifestation of the glory that is coming forth in your life that wasn't there before the fire and what the enemy has meant for harm - I am taking that thing and turning that thing around and I am causing the greatest gold to come forth.

I am causing the greatest glory you have ever known to begin to manifest in your life for surely you shall begin stepping out of the fire (Rob: "Whoopeee!") and you shall begin manifesting the glory of My Presence in a greater way than ever before and those that were watching while you were on display who said you will never make it - for surely you are a failure, surely it is not of God - God says surely they shall see and it shall not only be a sign and a wonder but it shall be a testimony - the testimony of Jesus Christ, the hope of glory inside of you.

I see you stepping out of the fire and I see you walking into a new place - a new season of blessing. It is opening for you even right now and in that place there is a divine acceleration and a divine increase - supernatural favour, abundance and blessing being poured out upon you. I see miracles beginning to flow where there were no miracles before. I almost see like garden flowers beginning to spring forth where it doesn't seem like they could be any flowers. Didn't seem like there could be any harvest in areas where people have looked and said; "Surely there can not be a harvest" - God says, "I am going to GIVE you the harvest".

Not only shall you see it, but you are going to reap it! You are going to reap it for many see the harvest but do not receive it but God says you shall see it and you shall have it".

I love this! Rob then commented;

"Men cannot dis-appoint you because they never appointed you! God appointed me to this message before time began! He chose me to bring a recovery of the gospel of grace to bring the church to be restored to living only in the freedom of the New Covenant. I believe we should read the Old Covenant and know the types and shadows that were in the Old Covenant. For Christ is hidden in shadow in the the Old Covenant and revealed in substance in the New Covenant! But we don't live under the Old Covenant law AT ALL! God appointed me for that so no man can dis-appoint me. No man can fire me because no man hired me! God called me not as my Boss to salary me but as my Father to do the family business!".

This should be the absolute motto of my life. He then said; "Friends you can NEVER submit to a controller! There are signs and traces of cult-like bully control (in the church) but GOD says; "Let My People Go that they may worship Me and know it is unto Me they are called!".

I said to Scott the other day that I know I have a weakness for submitting to manipulating control spirits. I am having a dreadful week at the moment because someone who once was a friend is very angry with me at the moment and is very successfully making me feel terrible and using every manipulative technique that works. Scott can't understand why it is such a fight for me to try and resist this. I have tried to explain that throughout my life I feel as if I DESERVE to be treated badly and made to feel bad. Because I am a bad person! And many, many people (including my family and the church as well as former partners) have successfully come into my life and made me feel bad - which I enjoyed in a sado-masochistic sort of way. BUT! Now I am learning that is a satanic lie because I am NOT A BAD PERSON! And I DON'T deserve to be treated badly because my Jesus got treated as badly as any living Person could on my behalf and took MY punishment for me - that I could enjoy being treated as a Son!

So the full title of "Invading the Impossible - Part 14" is very apt for me!

"Why you should condemn condemnation and accuse accusation and grab guilt by the throat and get out of the religious boat and float and wear your Father's glory coat!".

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