Thursday, April 24, 2008

Glory in Lakeland Florida!!

I just can't stop sharing this! It is truly incredible what God is doing! I turned to Scott at one point while all these testimonies of healings were taking place and I said; "I've waited ALL my Christian life for this! THIS is what it is all about!". I was intrigued - most of the people that Todd Bentley prayed for crumpled to the floor and so I asked Scott as a relatively newer Christian with less legalistic baggage than I what he thought about falling over. His reply was brilliant. He shrugged and said;

"Well you would if God touched you wouldn't you!?".

I have to post this video. There have been at least 10 children who have come up and testified to healing. One beautiful little blond girl who was about 6 had nerve damage in her eye and total unequal eyes. Todd Bentley gave a word of knowledge for people to touch the problem area and the mother of this child saw her touching her damaged eye and when she took her hand away - the eyes were totally equal and normal! I love his sensitivity in ministering to children. Although Todd is a somewhat interesting looking guy - tattooed everywhere(!) and shouts a lot - he is so gentle with children and yet one touch and they fall under the power of God.

Here's a small clip of another child healed of asthma:

These are some of the things that Todd has said during the meeting while we have been watching. Such faith-building stuff! We must hear this! We must read this! We must hunger after this because the promises are coming that this will break out all over the world and we will see the manifest Presence of God unveiled!

"What is the difference between Your glory and Your Presence? Moses wasn't satisfied with the angel or even the Presence. So God what's the difference between Your Presence and Your glory? The glory of God is the inner Person - the inner reality of God. "Show me Your glory".

The glory of God is a manifestation of the very nature and character of God.

"I will make all My goodness pass before you". When Moses said; "Show me Your glory" he was saying; "I want the Person. Would You me something that is more than Your peace. The glory is even more!". What would happen if "all" the goodness of God came on Florida, on your life? In 1977 God said to a prophet; "You will not see the glory again until you are an old white haired man".

I am talking about the kind of glory like the cloud by day and the fire by night. I am talking about a radiant glory, the colours of glory, the glory that brings the wealth of the nations that brings back the prodigals, the kind of glory that appeared on Mt Transfiguration.

We are too easily satisfied with 45 minutes of worship and the Presence that soothes. But the church hasn't come into the glory.

Thank God for the gem stones, the oil, the gold. But God - please show me Your glory! I want Your Person! I have got so hungry for the Person! Could it be that the very Person of Jesus could walk into the room tonight?!

How much glory can I have?!

This prophet told me that God told him that the glory has begun to fall early. But the fullness hasn't come yet! The glory of God is all over this building! "What kind of glory is going to happen" I asked. "The smokey glory". The smoke of His glory filled the temple! How come the prophet Isaiah and all Israel saw the glory, and Ezekiel saw the glory! We have had glimpses of glory!".

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07000intune said...

Was going to tell you to take a look...have been away and came back amazed to see what was going on on the God Channel... so glad you're following it anyway.

This is a significant development in how media is being used...probably as historic a step forward as was Gutenberg's printing press.It's the 2 way possibilities that bring a whole new dynamic via internet and TV.