Friday, April 25, 2008

Raising from the Dead Has BEGUN!!

Those of us who were at "Together on a Mission 2007" may remember this well:

I was very excited to read the "Fresh Fire Blog" that is bringing news from the Lakeland, Florida revival. It reads:

"Melissa writes:

I was in the upper-chat room when my husband came in and told me my best Friend Cara had just had a massive heart attack. I immediately shutdown the computer and went to get dressed to go be with her. Then I stopped and turned straight back to the computer (lead of the Holy Spirit) and asked them to all start praying… The way I understand it, she was clinically dead for 30 minutes and as soon as the prayers started she came back. OUR LORD BROUGHT HER BACK TO US! She is sitting up , eating talking!!!!".

Yes I appreciate that we can't see or verify the testimony of what happened - but I am tired of being cynical now. I see nothing in the Bible to suggest that the Spirit of God cannot raise someone from the dead in response to the prayers of the saints - so why not?! Praise God!

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