Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rob Rufus Prophecies A WAVE OF GLORY!!

I have just finished transcribing Rob's sermon from Sunday morning (that my friends Julie and Aaron were at!) and WHAT a sermon it was. "There is a Flood of Glory Coming!!". The whole sermon was essentially a prophecy. Rob was describing what he was seeing in the Spirit realm and it MUST MUST MUST be read or heard. I beg you. Rob contends that a Spirit pseunami of gigantic proportions is coming and the question is are we ready?

I am so glad I allowed the MP3 to carry on playing while I put the finishing touches to the sermon and published it. Because after singing a few songs, Rob brought this prophecy;

"This is what the Lord is saying right now to people in this house.

"In the past revivals, only a few men and women rose up in signs and wonders and mighty miracles. They were so attacked and persecuted and targeted by the devil that many of them never made the end of their ministries. Most of them were destroyed by the on-going persecution. For to Me they are heroes. Some of them died alcoholics and some of them went into immorality. People who judge these people are absolutely insane".

We don't know the pressure that was on them 24 hours a day as they tried to pioneer and step out and do things but they were attacked by the major parts of the Body of Christ - they were attacked by the majority of the church. Yet they led hundreds of thousands - some of them millions - to Christ in their short lives. Oral Roberts made it through and is still alive today in his late 80's. He has led 10's of millions to Christ and has laid his hands personally on over 10 million people. Multitudes healed of cancer, cripples and blindness.

William Branham - a great signs and wonders healing evangelist but did not finish his race. One of the greatest ministries seen on the earth - William Branham. Yet he got into pride and was killed in a car accident in 1965. Kathryn Kuhlman died long before her time of exhaustion. Amiee Semple McPherson brutalised by men and criticised by the Pharisees. Jack Cole died and went mad. A A Allen criticised as an alcoholic. These are all heroes. I don't understand the courage it must have taken them to step out into a cynical world that hated them and mocked them and the church sat in their comfortable religious pews - large churches of thousands and mocked these saints of God who stepped out in miracles.

Those big churches were not worthy of the people I am talking about. Synagogues of the freed men. But what is going to happen in this revival - this is what the Spirit of God is saying;

"The glory will cover so extensively over the earth that there will not be an island that won't be covered. There won't be a city or a town or a village that won't be impacted by this wave. There will be so many believers rising up in signs and wonders that God will use so many and miracles will happen so frequently that the devil won't know who God is going to use next! He won't know who to target because millions will rise up in the supernatural and millions from synagogues of the freed men all around the world are going to break out of the religious governments of control and will come out of religious camps and find churches of grace and places of freedom that open themselves entirely to the glory of God.

Communities of believers that say we will not be offended at who God uses - neither will we have unbelief but we will open ourselves entirely to the glory of God and there will come millions from around the earth and will rise up and there will be an army of signs and wonders children and teenagers and men and women and old and young - all moving in signs and wonders and raising the dead, blind eyes, angelic visitations, visions and prophesying! Children and men and women and old and young - the devil won't know who to attack and if they attack one they are attacking us all! No one will be isolated in this wave of the glory - no one will be in signs and wonders on their own but millions are going to walk in them. There will be no big names or big name ministries - this will be the people of God!".

Now we have prophesied about this for a few decades but the truth is it has come now! It has come! It is not a season - the seasons are over! This is a new climate - a new dimension! This is the glory of God in the nations of the earth!".

Whether you agree or disagree with this prophecy, you cannot deny that something exciting is happening in heaven and is about to come to earth. God has great plans for His Bride - the Church and He will see them presented to Him glorious! And I am finally coming to the stage when I am so grateful to be alive NOW and have stopped wishing that I could go back and be alive during the Dales Bible Weeks 1970's or the Healing Revivals or whenever. I am alive NOW for a purpose! Come Lord! Let the fire fall!


Amanda said...

Praise God! To echo what you already said, "Let the fire fall!"

jul said...

Yes, it was awesome!!!!! We'll have to call you when we get back, e-mail isn't gonna cut it this time!

jul said...

Oh and make sure you listen to the worship part when Ryan puts it up...

Dan Bowen said...

Hi Amanda, thanks for the comment! So great to hear from you - it's always an encouragement when you get an "Amen!!".

Julie ... so good to hear from you!! You've picked yourself up off the floor have you!?!? Yes a phone chat sounds an absolute MUST!! I can't wait!