Wednesday, April 23, 2008

First Hand Reports from Hong Kong!!

Our wait is over! Julie has heard the call of God and is sharing their testimony!! ;-) If you, like me, have been eagerly wondering what it was like to be at the "Glory Encounters" conference in Hong Kong - then you must read this wonderful, descriptive and honest testimony. Remember this definition of what happens when a testimony is shared. Rob Rufus said:

"Testimony" comes from the word; "To do it again". When you share a testimony of what God has done in a miracle in your life - that testimony is a sharing of a prophecy and it carries with it a power to duplicate what you are testifying happened to you".

So I pray you will read this testimony with faith expecting for much from our lavish and loving Almighty Heavenly Father! This trip for Julie and Aaron to Hong Kong was such a miracle - as much as a miracle as my trip last October to "Glory and Grace". So here is;

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