Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kaye Beyer made me WEEP!!

I've been eagerly following the "Glory Encounters" conference that has been taking place in Hong Kong recently and was profoundly moved by Joshua Mills ministry. But I was driving from a night shift to my work at the hospice listening intently to Kaye Beyer's ministry and without quite knowing why found myself weeping at the testimony of Kaye Beyer who spoke on the Monday. I'm looking forward to Julie and Aaron telling me more about what actually happened that night. But the manifestation of heavenly manna has been following Kaye and her late husband Harold around.

Here are two video clips narrated by Joshua and Janet Mills that I found giving more information about this couple;

This is a woman that loves her God! And she deserves a hearing!


AmandaW said...

Loved hearing Kaye.what a heart!
Slightly off topic, have any of you hungry ones heard about the revival breaking out in Lakeland Florida? It started the first of April with Todd Bentley and just keeps going. Many healings and miracles. People coming from all the world and it's broadcast live nightly on GodTV and internet sights. Prophecies say it will spread to England Canada Australia and Asia and other places with "The Sound of a Great Grace..." I'm including a link for more info. The host church is Ignited Church in lakeland and they broadcast these mtgs on their website mornings and evenings every day right now. So far they have extended the mtgs til May 4th. The link contains several different prophetic words over this move of God so keep scrolling. Pray He receives all the Glory.

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks Amanda for that! Great to hear and thank you so much for the link - its incredible, I am chatting to Don as I read your comment - a dear friend of mine in God - and he told me about the revival in Lakeland too! Coincidence? I don't think so!! And I was jumping around the room to read about the prophecies that the flood of glory may be coming to the United Kingdom!!

We soo need His fire!! Intellectualism just isn't enough, lectures in theology aren't going to save the lost. Only Him and His Presence!!

lydia joy said...

Yes, indeed she deserves a listen! I just listened to the message last night and I was so refreshed by her - a true Titus 2 woman, out ministering God's love, faithfulness and glory! Awesome!