Thursday, April 10, 2008

700th Post! ... Where Have All the Angels and Demons Gone?

Well another landmark - just a day after the 90,000 hit! I never thought that I would discover so much in the Christian world worth writing about! But there is so much richness especially when the grace of God falls upon your life and you become generally a lot more grateful and you find that you enjoy life much more! I have just walked back from a hospital appointment I had - and was sharing an experience that both Pete Day and I have found. Every thing just seems more "REAL" if that makes sense! Colours of grass, sky and flowers are more intense! The smell of the air (yes even in polluted Birmingham!) is so fresh! I just found myself listening to Isi de Gersigny on my IPOD singing a prophetic song and just loving being ALIVE!

So what should my 700th post be? I could talk about my favourite preachers and teachers and review what they have brought into my life or I could review some of my favourite books. No - I am going to avoid the more cerebral (there are plenty of blogs you can go to for that!) and I want to share a question that came to my mind while I was typing up Rob's sermon; "Do Our Diaries Reflect the Priorities of Heaven?". Rob said this;

"The most awesome angelic visitations the planet has ever had - the Bible predicts this! If falling and shaking confuses people and they think; "Can God do this?!" - what are they going to do when awesome things start happening?! That we walk on water and raise the dead!? When angels suddenly appear and we all see them with our own eyes and the angel speaks with the voice of the Ancient of Days! He says; "I am Gabriel - sent from the Third Heaven!". Those who have been walking in the Presence for for years will hear and simply lift their heands and worship the God of glory. Those who don't know the Presence and God and are just being religious will run out the room and not be ready for what is going to hit this planet!".

And the thought hit me. Where have all the angels and demons gone and I mean particularly in the Western world? It occured to me that I haven't heard angels and their presence expected in conferences since the Dales Bible Week 1976 and 1977 when they heard wonderful singing ... UNTIL the "Grace and Glory Conference" in Hong Kong! They did not only actively expect angels appearing to verify the word of grace that was being preached, but they prophesied angels appearing and indeed angels were seen by people - including myself!

I wanted to bring together a compendium of the prophecies at "Grace and Glory" in Hong Kong that were specific to angels. I say this not to become unhealthily obsessed with angels (for true angels will always point to Jesus) but to try and correct a lack in the Western church. Angels appeared throughout the Bible! Angels appeared in the early New Testament church! Angels should be appearing NOW.

On the first day at "Grace and Glory" Isi de Gersigny got up and prophesied a vision she had seen;

"Just as we were worshipping I had a real distinct sense of the healing angels just coming alongside some of you that are possibly struggling with some sickness, some on-coming flu. And I felt these angels (I've seen them before) have got red cross things on their shoulders. Some of them have moved in and were waiting to minister healing to people and the Lord wants to give you refreshing and healing so you are ready to start fresh and not labour under anything. That's part of our inheritance. So lift up your hands and receive the healing!".

During an incredibly powerful prophetic song, Fini de Gersigny prophesied this;

"When I was in prayer this morning for this time, I saw over this auditorium columns of angels exactly matching the rows of people who were worshipping. I just feel it is coming to pass right now that the Lord is saying; "I am standing with you - I have sent angels to guard you in all your ways. You are never alone, you are never standing alone, you are never fighting alone, you are never walking alone, you are never praying alone - I have sent My angels, My mighty warriors. I have stationed them and they are going back as far as the eye can see! Mighty angels to do His bidding, to minister to the saints, to minister to His people, to minister in the earth!

He has put victory in your spirits and the reason why we long to win is because God has called us to win! In the end of the Book we win! The Lord is saying; "Stand still and see the victory on your behalf". The battle belongs to the Lord! The battle belongs to the Lord! The battle belongs to the Lord! He is a mighty God! He is a mighty warrior!".

And then of course there was the incredible meeting when Ryan Rufus prophesied that angels would become our best friends! And immediately after that prophesy, I had a vision and emailed my friends back home with what happened and what I saw;

"As we were worshipping I got transported into the glory realm right to the throne room of God and I was alone in the Throne Room and could just see the feet of the throne and the blazing light coming from God and I cowered in the corner just feeling so small. But then I heard gentle, loving wonderful laughter!! It was coming from God!! And all He said was; "We've been waiting for you for quite a while!! What kept you!?!?" and I just fell on my feet in worship and tears. And as I lifted my hands in worship I suddenly saw that I was not alone in the throne room and that other believers were there!! You were there ... Allen was there ... all the conference people were there ... and as we were lifting our hands I suddenly saw crowns beautiful awesome crowns that made the Imperial State Crown look like a pathetic beret!! And all of us were crying and as the tears flowed down our faces they transformed into marvellous beautiful jewels!!

Each of us had different jewels - mine were blue and white diamonds!! Yours were red crimson!! But each tear flew to the crown and attached itself. And my angel who was still standing behind me said;"Every tear you shed in wonder and awe at God's grace and love - every act of pure kindness that you carried out motivated by love for God - everything comes together to become this crown. Nothing is lost". And I said; "What do we do with the crown?" and my angel said; "You can do what you like with it" but even as he said it we were all casting our crowns at the throne of God in worship because what else could we do?!!? And as the angel continued to stand behind me he suddenly said;"You know - we can't worship like you. The worship of the Redeemed carries a special place in the Father's heart. The worship of the saved grabs His attention like nothing else".

I didn't sense any jealousy in his heart at all - I sensed somehow just a wondering why we as Christians don't worship more!!".

What then am I asking for? Do I think that angels and demons don't operate anymore (such as theologians like John Macarthur seem to suggest)? No absolutely not. I see no reason on earth why angels and demons should withdraw into heaven and Hades respectively as we approach the consummation of the climax of the ages. I think they are most definately still active! I am absolutely positive an angel saved my life when my tyre blew out on the M25! And both Scott and I sensed the presence of angels in my car as we were driving down for my younger sister's baptisms at the SGM church in Bristol!

I am just asking that in church we open ourselves up to the supernatural realm and realise that angels are ministering to us. Angels are sent from heaven! I wanted to end this blog with a clip of ministry from City Church International in Hong Kong. Rob had just finished preaching one of the "Invading the Impossible" series and God fell upon the worship and the meeting. Rob described the meeting as;

"I think 90% of people were under the power of God on the floor, encounters with God".

Just hearing Rob ministering and the responses of the people is so faith-building to me! It had an amazing effect when Pete and I listened to it in his office! Despite the fact that we were in London and they were in Hong Kong, it was as though we still received the coming upon of the Spirit that Rob was ministering! I hope the same happens to you. I apologise for the quality - it was the only way I could get the exact clip;

May our lives begin to see more and more of the reality of heaven invading earth!


Anonymous said...

I think the angels and the demons have always been here. It's our vision of them that is at fault.

07000intune said...

Thanks so much Dan for the faithfulness to this project...and that in a way, you are not interested in blogging for its own sake,but that you are concerned enough that things move beyond that to people getting their own encounter with the Living God.
I got born again in a God move in Amersham in 1972.There was no man heading it up.We were all in it together learning as fast as we could.Within 3 months I was aware that huge chunks of the new Testament were hardly touched in churches. To this day Hebrews 7 and 8 are nearly never preached on.
This concerns the order of Melchizedek. And this is really relevant to what Rob is teaching. You see the Church is run by Jesus.It is birthed in this order. And is supernatural. We can be bewitched as it says in Galations and slip back from this order.But wherever we are in Christ, in terms of lifelong growth, we can slip back into this order if we sense that we have withdrawn.Because as Rob shares, this order has absolutely nothing to do with our works, but everything to do with faith in the completed work of our Jesus.Obviously in eternal terms, we don't slip in and out,but in terms of moving functionally down here, we do. There are many books on Divine appointments in evangelism. These describe the occasions we position ourselves for introducing people to Jesus,the Living Jesus...and when we do this we are actually moving in the realm of the order of Melchizedek. In my job so far I have only prayed the prayer of salvation 3 times in 26 years, but each of those times was definitely of the type I have described. In 2 occasions, the spouses have also subsequently converted, and have also gone abroad.But relevant to this posting is another specific occasion where if we obey Jesus's specific directions and timings, we find ourselves moving in this Melchizedek order of the beyond!!!
When I was 19 and studying French and German at Exeter Uni,and was considering how to get practical speaking experience during the summer hols in France, I felt strongly not to take the usual university routes offered but to apply to the most lively church in Paris at the time. I heard nothing for ages, then eventually that nothing was available yet. Months passed.The summer holidays came. I had egg on my face...but got on with cutting my parents hedge.When this was done, with only 3 weeks to run before Dales Bible Week no.2,
a Christian family phoned to say I could visit with them in Normandie.They had been in the Paris Church , rue de Musset. So I went immediately.Remember I was there as a gangly yoth of 19 just to practice French. The first morning at breakfast the mum had an epileptic seizure. Before I could think, I was pointing my finger at her,speaking in tongues and commanding her to get well.What John G Lake describes as the electricity of God came through my body, out of my finger, the lady keeled over and began making a snorting sound. I thought this was a continuation of the condition, but her husband could see what happened and calmly explained that she had instantly been put to sleep...and she was fine, because she always snored like that!!!! 2 hours later she came round totally healed, and 1 year later she got her driving licence back.From atheist France!!
The next 2 weeks carried on in this surreal fashion, and the husband kind of received me as a prophet, so I found myself given all sorts of specific words for the family. But concerning this post, while we drove to the south of France my new friend began singing in French Sing hallelujah to the Lord (the old minor one that is a round). I said, that's nice that you begin singing that song. He said , "I didn't begin singing that song, you did." I said I was only joining in." We both looked at each other, then listened, and there outside the car,sure enough, just above the wind we could hear angels singing chante alleluia, without us making a noise.....So what I am saying is
we enter this order of the supernatural,not by works , but by positioning ourselves according to the Word of the Lord, and refusing to give up, even when we have egg on our face, and it all looks so stupid.

janelle said...

Interesting question. It seems that demons particularly are going about different tactics depending on where you are in the world. Here in America, I think they are waaaay more deceptive and cunning than in third world countries. When I was in Bolivia or Haiti, it was much more apparent where demonic activity was taking place, because the cultures of both were rife with witch doctors, cults and Satanists. You don't see that very prevalent here in the US.

Angels, on the other hand, are a little harder to decipher. I wonder why that is? While I personally have experienced an inkling of them here, I can't say I was particularly struck by their presence in either Haiti or Bolivia.

Luke Wood said...

Congratulations on your 700th post! What a feat!