Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ern Baxter and Rob Rufus Stand Together!!

I am constantly staggered at how similar these two great heroes of mine are. Their vision, their preaching, their passions - just utterly thrill me. I have been working through a series of DVD's that I made from the Anglia Bible Week 1984. Ern Baxter was the keynote speaker as usual and he presented an academic series of sermons on the first half of the Book of Romans.

I caught this quote:

"That has got to do with the revelation of God that Jesus Christ is yours by faith before God and you are as righteous as CHRIST is before God!".

We have got to start waking up to the fact that Rob Rufus is not some lone maverick on a personal crusade. He is merely restoring the lost message of grace and taking it a step further than Ern Baxter (I believe) in letting it WORK in signs and wonders and miracles. "You are as righteous as CHRIST is before God!". Wow. That's going to affect the way I wake up in the morning!


Peter Day said...

Close your eyes and imagine a different accent and that could be Rob! The teaching of grace is NOT a new doctrine, nor a lone crusade of one man. It is simply the TRUTH. Praise God that the mantle of the truth of grace and the experience of God's glory has been handed on to a new generation!

Dan Bowen said...

Amen!! And I think as we discussed some time ago that Ern (as a kind of Moses figure) took the church and showed us the land! But Rob (a kind of Joshua figure maybe!?) may just be the man to take us into the land! On a foundation of our triumphant righteousness that is imputed as a free gift!

It is the TRUTH! And we must allow ourselves to believe! We must allow ourselves to let this sink into our whole being and just enjoy the truth of what is!